Enemy on Board - Alpha Keys for the Community

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Hey everyone! I have some exciting news :) My friends over at r/gmod and I have been playing a new indie game called Enemy On Board. They recently just launched into Closed Alpha and are inviting EscapeRestart to join!

Enemy On Board is an online, multiplayer game of deception combined with fast paced action combat in space! Six players wake up on a spaceship, but two are secretly body-snatching aliens. The humans have to work fast to uncover who the aliens are and kill them before the two aliens deceive and slaughter the rest of the ship. Their community has been growing really fast and the devs are always looking for good players to come and test out their game and give them feedback.

My friends working on Enemy On Board gave us a special code escaperestart. By going to their website, signing up for the alpha at ~ and using the special code in the Referral Code section, they will be...​

Other EscapeRestart Social Media Team Applications

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Hello! I want to breathe new life into our Social Media - but I need help with that as its hard to manage it all by myself on top of all the other things I deal with. I've decided that creating a team to manage our social media would be the best route in attempting to do this without putting too much strain on one person.

I'd also like to say that from now on, anything in #showcase on discord or showoff on the forums can be displayed on our social media! If you have something cool you've bee working on (doesn't even have to be related to Minecraft!) and want it to be shown off on our social media, just let me know (or the team members when applications close)

It's not a seriously intensive task, and splitting it up in between people will help out a lot.

Some Responsibilities Include:

Managing Social Media Pages
Uploading Content
Updating Info on Social Media Pages
Collaborating with other Team Members
Interacting with users on Social Media
Following Trends and Using...​

Community Community News 303 - 6th August 2019

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SirC has temporarily stepped in as CA

Community Events

• Updated Forums to Xenforo 2.1.2, with tons of new features! Read More Here
• Archives have been cleaned up and organized [Before] [After] [After]
Dark Theme Coming Soon
• Added Spotify Integration

1.13.x & 1.14.x
Currently the only two servers to run on these versions are Blocktopia...

Creative Blocktopia is Here!

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Welcome to Blocktopia!

The Create Staff are proud to present the new iteration of our Creative Server, Blocktopia!

It's been a long journey of configuring, setting up, transferring worlds and ranks, and many other things but we've overcome it all and introduced a slew of new features with it!

Join now @

You can view the full feature list down at the bottom of the page!

New Worlds & Spawns

New Plugins & Features

Regarding Old Plots
Old plots are still on Blocktopia and are 100% accessible on the server! We do want to get rid of the worlds at some point and upload them instead to relieve some stress on our hard drive though. If you are interested in staff transferring your plot into the new plot worlds, just shoot one of us a PM, or leave a comment below quoting this...​

Creative Blocktopia 3.0 Coming Soon

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As we near the release date of the 26th, i figured I'd make an update post to make sure players are all expecting the release and are prepared :)

I am super excited, along with all my staff, to finally release Blocktopia to the community and for players to experience a entirely new creative server. It's also sweet that we are releasing during the week of our 10 year celebration! ?

I will make an official release post near the date, so look for that!

Minecraft EscapeRestart - 10 Year Anniversary

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EscapeRestart - 10 Year Anniversary

On June 1st 2009, Minecraft first gained multiplayer as part of Classic build 0.0.15a_01. Almost 2 months later, on July 24th, TheOne’s opened up business for the first time - a pioneer of custom Minecraft server software. 10 years on, a couple of name changes and many Minecraft versions later, we stand here today as EscapeRestart.

If you’d like to learn more about our long and storied history, visit Notme’s post here. In the meantime: thank you. To all our staff, helpers, developers, and especially users - we don’t have a community without you. We are one of the oldest Minecraft communities still in existence, and that is a testament to the strength of the community and the character of the people within it.

Onto the festivities! We’ve got 5 events lined up...

A brief hello for a great cause.

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Hi everyone. As you are all aware of the unfortunate news, Jack (SalientGorilla) passed away a little over three weeks ago after his long fought battle with Ewing’s Sarcoma.

Before he went I told him that I’ll be doing a 5K run for cancer to gain awareness about Ewing’s Sarcoma, which is a cancer that affects the bone and soft tissue’s surrounding it and typically affects teens from the age of 10 through till 20 as it inherently affects young people.

Unfortunately only 50% of people with Ewing’s Sarcoma live upto 5 years, and while it is a rare cancer and highly treatable now, it is aggressive and incurable when it spreads.

I appreciate that in recent years I’ve not had a good impact on the community, but a lot has changed and I want to do Jack proud.

I have set up a donation page that has so far garnered £160 of the £500 goal, as this money will go to a charity chosen by Jack when the race has been completed! Any donations would be forever appreciated, and if you can’t...

Survival 1.14.2 Temp Survival Server Announcement

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IP: Sign will be in lobby Friday @ 12 PM EST

There's been some stagnation in our servers currently, so I've decided to open up a semi-vanilla 1.14 Temp Survival Server!
Let's just hop into the features right away.

Features (May be subject to change before release):

Vanilla Based Economy (Gold)
Player Shops (Buy a spot in the server market!)
Donor Rewards
Voter Rewards
Home & TPA
Player Claims
Toggleable PvP (Default Off)
Random Teleport

Donor Rewards:

Exclusive Shop Spots
More Homes
Upload Custom Images to Maps
Fancy Prefix

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below =). There may be slight changes up until release since im still doing some tweaks, but I will edit the thread and leave a comment accordingly.

Create Updates & Maintenance
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Create Updates & Stability Improvements
“We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” -Bob Ross

In my efforts to update create right out of work and just getting done with the forums, I made a little mistake and erm updated Create to 1.13.2! It's a pretty funny story but I won't bore you with the admin details. This update does mean you can now use 1.13.2 items on Create, along with stability and performance!
(You can join on 1.12.2 but you will not render 1.13.2 content correctly)

There may be bugs though, because some plugins had be to be replace or are developmental builds.If you encounter any, feel free to report them on our bug tracker here.

I will also note that instead of opting to keep the server closed for ~2-3 days rendering chunks on 1.13.2, i will let players do it themselves. Realize this does mean there may sometimes be some TPS drops, but no crashes like before...​

Other What can Phabricator do for you?

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It's great to see that everyone's flocked to join our new bug tracker which I so nicely set up for the community-


Wait, what? Ah. I don't think it's been given a good introduction - let me do the honours.

This is Phabricator, our new bug tracking platform. You may remember we used to use "Mantis" to track bugs before replacing it with subforums, but we wanted something a bit more powerful (and Mantis broke). To put it into perspective, this is the same system used by Wikipedia, Uber and Facebook. Here's a little rundown on how to use it.

Logging in
You will be navigated to log in automatically if the system needs you to. However, if you want to view your dashboard for example, the login button's at the top.


You should be automatically directed...

Other Two Baboons Manage to Upgrade Forums

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Welcome to the new EscapeRestart Forums, powered by Xenforo 2.1! This marks a massive upgrade over XF 1.5.6, an update that took place more than three years ago, and allows for a ton more flexibility of use and exciting features!

New Features
· · ────────────── ·?· ────────────── · ·​

➖ First and foremost, you'll notice a refreshed theme, designed by Hex, with a new dark theme coming shortly!

➖ The forums have been re-arranged slightly to make things less spread apart and easier to find.

➖ We now have full emoji support through Twemoji! You'll recognize this style from Twitter, Discord, and now the EscapeRestart forums! ?

➖ The rich text editor is now basically everywhere! You can now post images, media(see below!) and take full advantage of rich text on profile posts, post comments...

Community Community News 302 - 28th April 2019

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Robo was promoted to Community Admin (Social Media / Advertising)

Community Events

Found some spare change in your couch and are feeling generous? Donate to us to ensure our servers stay up! We also have a Patreon page where you can donate however much you want monthly, and gain a Discord donor rank if it's over $5/m: check it out here!

Donor Rewards & Lobby Updates
I'm finally implementing Donor Rewards into our servers! There are donor prefix's currently in Lobby + Create, and there will be cosmetic support soon. Expect a forum post regarding Donor Rewards some...​

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