Enemy on Board - Alpha Keys for the Community


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Jan 13, 2013
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Hey everyone! I have some exciting news :) My friends over at r/gmod and I have been playing a new indie game called Enemy On Board. They recently just launched into Closed Alpha and are inviting EscapeRestart to join!

Enemy On Board is an online, multiplayer game of deception combined with fast paced action combat in space! Six players wake up on a spaceship, but two are secretly body-snatching aliens. The humans have to work fast to uncover who the aliens are and kill them before the two aliens deceive and slaughter the rest of the ship. Their community has been growing really fast and the devs are always looking for good players to come and test out their game and give them feedback.

My friends working on Enemy On Board gave us a special code escaperestart. By going to their website, signing up for the alpha at https://eobgame.com/ ~ and using the special code in the Referral Code section, they will be able to know where you all came from and reserve alpha keys for us in their next wave of alpha key releases. We should be getting our keys just before they release their next big content update. So...

Step 1: Go to https://eobgame.com/
Step 2: Sign up for the alpha with the Referral Code escaperestart
Step 3: Join the Enemy On Board Discord Server https://discord.gg/enemyonboard
Step 4: Receive your alpha key via your email
Step 5: Install and playtest the game! If you have any questions, the devs of the game are actually in our Discord ;) You can find them with these tags. @36OG0ATSC0P3#3398 (an ex-League of Legends developer), @Shi#0002, and @ricardow#1968!