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Jan 13, 2013
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Hello! I want to breathe new life into our Social Media - but I need help with that as its hard to manage it all by myself on top of all the other things I deal with. I've decided that creating a team to manage our social media would be the best route in attempting to do this without putting too much strain on one person.

I'd also like to say that from now on, anything in #showcase on discord or showoff on the forums can be displayed on our social media! If you have something cool you've bee working on (doesn't even have to be related to Minecraft!) and want it to be shown off on our social media, just let me know (or the team members when applications close)

It's not a seriously intensive task, and splitting it up in between people will help out a lot.

Some Responsibilities Include:

Managing Social Media Pages
Uploading Content
Updating Info on Social Media Pages
Collaborating with other Team Members
Interacting with users on Social Media
Following Trends and Using Them

You can sign up here

Applications Close on Friday, September 6th

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