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Jan 13, 2013
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Welcome to Blocktopia!

The Create Staff are proud to present the new iteration of our Creative Server, Blocktopia!

It's been a long journey of configuring, setting up, transferring worlds and ranks, and many other things but we've overcome it all and introduced a slew of new features with it!

Join now @

You can view the full feature list down at the bottom of the page!

New Worlds & Spawns

New Plugins & Features

Regarding Old Plots
Old plots are still on Blocktopia and are 100% accessible on the server! We do want to get rid of the worlds at some point and upload them instead to relieve some stress on our hard drive though. If you are interested in staff transferring your plot into the new plot worlds, just shoot one of us a PM, or leave a comment below quoting this.

  • Added CMI
  • Added ProCosmetics (/warp cosmetics)
  • Added goBrush & goPaint
  • Added Arceon
  • Added Furniture Plugin
  • Added ChatColour Plugin for Donors
  • Command Responses Cleaned & Organized
  • New Lobby, Worlds & Spawns:
    • A brand new lobby world with a badass spawn designed by Swift
    • Three new plot worlds to replace the three old ones: plot_nov, plot_buil, plot_adv, with brand new spawns for each.
    • A new Space World coming soon
  • Vivecraft Support
  • Donor Features
    • Early Access to SketchMap + AST
    • Fancy Prefix
    • ChatColour Options
    • Early Access to ALL Cosmetics
    • Exclusive Donor Chat
    • Access to CompMidiPlayer
    • Access to Exclusive Compmeme Reactions
    • Custom Login / Logout Messages!
  • New /help, GUI Interface
  • Proper Voting Rewards
  • Server Optimization & Lag Reduction
  • New Public Discord Channel to Chat
  • Plot Sizes Upscaled by One Block
  • Better Looking Command Responses
  • Automated BuildBattle Mini-Game
  • New CompMeme Reactions
  • New Server Announcements
  • Organized Layout & Plugins for Easier Updates
  • Better Ranking Standards
  • Rank Colours & Chat Colours Changed to Callback to the OG BuildBox
  • BuildBox name changed to Blocktopia
  • Organic Model Creator added.
  • Ability to upload and download schematics added.
  • Created a new Plugin list:
  • A new Dynmap: located here:
  • Added and updated Builders’s Utilities, allowing no-clip flight, nightvision, access to secret blocks, easy armour and banner customisation and more!
  • Updated Head Database: Added +5,000 custom player heads.
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