What can Phabricator do for you?


Jun 3, 2012
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It's great to see that everyone's flocked to join our new bug tracker which I so nicely set up for the community-


Wait, what? Ah. I don't think it's been given a good introduction - let me do the honours.

This is Phabricator, our new bug tracking platform. You may remember we used to use "Mantis" to track bugs before replacing it with subforums, but we wanted something a bit more powerful (and Mantis broke). To put it into perspective, this is the same system used by Wikipedia, Uber and Facebook. Here's a little rundown on how to use it.

Logging in
You will be navigated to log in automatically if the system needs you to. However, if you want to view your dashboard for example, the login button's at the top.


You should be automatically directed to Sign in with Discord. This means we're not going to get your password, your avatar is automatically set up and there's less accounts for you to remember. Discord makes the world a better place!

Bug Tracker
Use the sidebar on the left to navigate to "Bug Tracker". If not, use the direct link here: https://bugs.escaperestart.com/maniphest/. You'll be able to see any of the open tasks in front of you, and you can view old (closed) tasks using the sidebar. In the top-right, there's a "Create Task" button. Let's see what that does!


Oof, that's a lot. Let's look through what's going on here.

Title - self-explanatory
Assigned to - this will be used by staff to give tasks to specific people. You shouldn't need to touch this unless you know who's going to be handling your task. You probably don't.
Status - you're creating a task. It's Open. Don't touch this.
Priority - is this actually urgent? If so, you might be able to justify a high priority. Don't know? Just leave it.
Description - self-explanatory
Visible to - don't touch this. Staff may use this for staff-only issues, though.
Tags - Set this to the project you're talking about.

After that, you're free to Create New Task. Don't worry about getting something wrong - we can easily fix it. Thanks for submitting a bug!

What else?
This is a lot more than just a bug tracker! Let's get listing what's just on the sidebar. We might not use all of it, but it's useful that we have it.
  • Projects - this will show you all the projects we have right now, and give you a nice kanban board of the issues for each project.
  • People - See everyone's beautiful faces.
  • Polls - go vote in the "Is SirC a noob?" poll now! Discord exists, this probably won't be used.
  • Paste - we have our own little Pastebin! This may be useful if you're pasting in server logs for example, and supports syntax highlighting for many different programming languages. Pretty neat.
  • Q&A - you could just use Discord, but eh. Does what it says on the tin. Always there if we need.
  • Wiki - we could keep documentation on there in the future.
What do I need to do?
Remember the link, and if you have a problem, the tracker is there. The CAs are always very busy - creating a task will mean staff can get to your issue eventually, and it won't be forgotten about. If there's any issue with the system, I've been responsible for its configuration, so create a task assigned to me and I'll get to it.

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Roobarb Pie

Aug 6, 2011
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As a someone who has to deal with bug tracking at their work, I wish you luck.
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