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Anyways, after weeks, months, (years?) of you all asking, the create staff are glad to announce that Simcity has finally expanded. The expansion itself is 2000 blocks in each direction and is scattered with oceans of different sizes and depths, rivers or varying widths and lengths, specifically designed to be adapted to whoever resides there.


With new land, comes new rules (The full create rulebook is still in works, but here is what you need to know in relation to the expansion).

- From this point, onwards no new regions/wool borders will be granted, until your settlement has naturally grown and reached a level of built content that warrants a protection.

- Oceans/river terrain may be edited, but please exercise common sense. They're designed to be build upon and improved. Don't be dumb and fill it in/replace it with air etc. It took a lot of effort to create them.

- There are to be no region claims in open bodies of water (A land claim requires land).

- Sections of rivers/coastlines/islands may be claimed as part of a settlement.

- Excessive/oversized ships will be removed from the oceans – FlatWater™ coming soon.

- A 'No new settlement zone' NNSZ has been marked on the above map in white. This is primarily a 500 block buffer zone, to protect those previously blocked by the old world border. And is to prevent other players intentionally blocking them. (This zone may only last for a time to allow bordered settlements to expand)....
Due to time constraint getting the SMP out in the holidays, and some unfortunate events, these are the current issues you will notice on SMP when you log in.​

• Item frames broke, all of them. We have backups, should be fixed within a few days

• Economy not completely in place, feel free to use the traders you find, will be fixed the next hours.

• Lack of NPCS and Quests in general are still being added.

• Biomes in snow terrains will be fixed the next weeks, its a pain to do.

A lot more transportation options will be added the next few days

Player made settlements, and with them the nether will be added the next days.

There will be more content available on release than in any SMP ever released before in this community, so you should still have more to do. Everything that is added on the server, should work, if it does not, please notify us.

The SMP team has done some amazing work, its unfortunate that we do not have all the features available at, but it should still be a great experience for all of you!

Bitching about stuff that is not finished will get you muted, constructive criticism and notifying us of issues with the server is as always welcome though!

Every location has to be discovered by our community's great explorers. The server will put out an announcement when someone discovers a new location. Check /explorers to check the progress.

When every location is found, the livemap will be available for the public.

Good luck!​


1.1) – Hacking is not allowed on SMP. This includes any mod that gives you an unfair advantage to another player. If you have to ask, “can I use this mod” then the answer is probably no.
Permitted mods will be listed in the “Allowed Mods” thread.

1.2) – Abusing any glitch or exploits found are illegal. Report them to a staff member immediately.
Reports can be made by PM’ing a staff member on Discord, in-game or on the forums.


2.1) – Griefing, or modifying another player's structure without permission is illegal, this includes: placing/destroying blocks, placing of water/lava, the tilling of soil, destroying blocks with TNT/dragged creepers, and the growing of trees on another player's property.

2.2) – You may use other player's farms, as long as you replant the crops you took.

2.3) – Killing another player's animals is allowed, however if killing another player's animals - you
must leave at least two animals, enough to breed them again. If you ever accidentally kill too many mobs, contact a staff member.

2.4) – Killing player’s horses in PvE zones or in any player made settlements is forbidden, unless the horse is currently involved in PvP combat.

2.5) – Do not log off in other people's settlements unless you have permission to do so.

2.6) – Do not over-raid, over-raiding can be described as raiding for more than 30 minutes at a time or raiding the same settlement more than twice a day. The raid limit of two times a day includes all members of that settlement. If you are in a settlement, coordinate with your team.

2.7) – If a player's house appears to be based in a natural feature (a cave), that is considered their
property. If you accidentally grief into a structure like this, contact...
Hello all!

As was announced in the earlier thread, there will be a PvP balance event held on the 21st of December.
Please sign up below if you are interested!

Everyone is welcome to apply although everyone might not be accepted. There will be a small 1v1 and 2v2 tournament just for fun during the balancing event if there's interest. The event will be held on a separate server with only the necessary plugins needed to test and an arena or two, so don't expect too much! You are welcome to share your experiences afterwards and definitely let me know what you do and do not like about the classes we have.
Hello everyone!

SMP has been a very long project with several dozens of people working very hard on it. From the get-go, Danni and I agreed that we would never release this server if we didn’t feel it was ready. We were able to confidently declare the release date as 30 November as we were going at a good pace and felt good about it. Sadly everything doesn’t always go as planned and we’ve had several complications arise including terrible illnesses, exams and ridiculous workloads for the team.

Therefore we are announcing a small delay to the SMP release, we are committed to providing a working, content-rich and fun server for the whole community to play on. SMP is in its final stages and we just want another few weeks to make sure it's polished and ready to go for everyone that wants to play. One thing that is guaranteed is that the server will be released before Christmas, which will mark the 2nd anniversary of the Legacies of Primordia server.

Another thing I would like to mention is that the staff team has realised a critical fault with all the previous servers. Very often all the content developed for the server is available from the first day and then little to nothing is added afterwards, leading to a stagnant server that dies after a few weeks. To prevent this we have already planned out several updates to be released at a later date. Another prevalent issue is that lack of bug fixing that happens, to prevent this we have quite an amount of developers on board and a sizable amount of plugins we are using are custom made.

I understand that this decision will be met with valid criticism as this server has already spent an...

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Create Fixes
I updated a lot of plugins in create, and also switched over to the paper build of Spigot....​

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Freaky has resigned from CA
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Hex has been promoted to ASSHAT
SirC has resigned from all admin duties, F :(

Thank you to all the great admins that have dedicated their time to the community!

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Hello, I've been recently making a little world on my realm where I intend to gather a nice, small group of disciplined people to do a sort of story/professions-based world with some bit of heroes vs villain(s).

This IS being hosted on my realm, so I can have no more than 10 players (and myself) on at one time, thus I need to limit it to about 10 or 11 total players at most.

I am aiming for this to become active around mid-late October and will be making a small Youtube series out of it if it launches. If you are interested and have a somewhat flexible schedule, let me know, and I can put you in the discord group for further details.

There are two different groups of players involved, the Villagers/Heroes and the Villain(s) (it is mandatory that we have a villain, and the villain may have one or two underlings).
Villagers: 3/6 (hard cap of 8)
*Catcocomics the Forest Mage
*SeanNosliw the Forester
*Wolfyre Wolfswift
Villain(s): 0/1 (hard cap of 3)

The villagers work together to defend their village (and the world) from the villain by joining their skills and resources together. it is ideal to be one of the many villagers if you want a more relaxed role on player interaction with the option of adventure nearly certain to be available (well, the priest might not be too comfy outside of home).

The villain role will definitely be more complicated than the others, and I am prepared to offer guidance and assistance with knowing what needs to be done.

Final note; everyone is allowed two signature tools/weapons and one signature piece of armor.
Send a private message to me, either by forums or by discord with the specifications for your signature(s) (they aren't mandatory to play, but they will probably come in handy).
The villain might get extra signature armor, or something...

Bear in mind, I will balance the signature items to fit with the map, slightly weaker signatures will become available earlier than stronger signatures (hopefully), but...