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I've been busy at work updating lobby, and adding in a few donor rewards!
I'll go ahead and put them in a neat list down below.​
Lobby / Bungee
  • Added Voting Rewards!
  • 1.13.2 Door, Glass Pane, Fence, etc bug should be fixed across all servers.
  • Added a Voting Leaderboard in Lobby! Displays top voters of the month #1-4.
  • [​IMG]
  • New Fancy MOTD
  • New Fancy tab menu
  • [​IMG]
  • [​IMG]
Planned Lobby Features
  • Network Online Time
  • Finishing Cosmetics Shop
  • Top Voter Reward
  • Cumulative Votes Reward (get special rewards at 50, 100, etc votes)
  • Streak Vote Reward (get better rewards by keeping a streak!)
  • Collective Server Vote Rewards (our server gets x many votes in a week or month, everyone gets something!)
Donor Rewards
Don't Forget to link your MC account in game to get these! Link
  • [​IMG]
  • Donor Tags in Create (WIP)
Planned Donor Rewards
  • Exclusive Cosmetics
  • Higher Voting Rewards
  • Create Cosmetics
  • Fun Create Commands
  • Linking of your Discord account for Discord features!
  • More to come soon!
Stay tuned for more updates!

Due to R.A.D Being Unstable, we have switched to
FTB: Ultimate Reloaded


Modpack Info

FTB Ultimate Reloaded is one of the lighter 1.12.2 modpacks based around the original Ultimate that was released on Minecraft 1.4.7 over 5 years ago. Ultimate was one of FTB’s largest and popular modpacks of its time and players spent months making large factories, farms, railcraft rail networks and getting their feet wet with magic in Thaumcraft. Fast forward to 2019 and the FTB Team has remastered Ultimate in a 1.12.2 modpack named Ultimate Reloaded.

How To Download
  1. Grab the Twitch App
  2. Create an account​
  3. Link your Twitch and MC account​
  4. Click on the Mods tab​
  5. Click on Minecraft
  6. Click on Browse Modpacks
  7. Search up FTB: Ultimate Reloaded
  8. Install & Launch!​
  1. Grab Optifine
  2. Go to Twitch Launcher
  3. Navigate to My Modpacks
  4. Click on FTB: Ultimate Reloaded
  5. Click the Cog in the right hand corner​
  6. Click on Open Folder
  7. Navigate to Mods
  8. Drop the Optifine Jar in the folder​
  9. Launch the game!​

  1. No Griefing
  2. Don't Abuse Spawn Area
    1. Baiting Mobs​
    2. Baiting Players​



I'd like to preface this report by saying that I was / am extremely busy. I've been juggling a few things in this community now, and sometimes things get prioritized over BuildBox.

My staff team continues to work on BuildBox though, along with some contributors so shout out to them, they made this much more possible. =)


Progress Report

General Server


The general building blocks of the server are going smoothly and overall progress is being made. Spawns are being worked on, perms tested, and plugins configured.



The majority of plugins are already configured, including Permissions, Essentials, and more.
I'm still waiting on a very important plugin, FAWE, to have complete 1.13 compatibility with PlotSquared. They have finally, just within the last week, pushed out a very new development version of it that works. However, it is nowhere near perfect yet. We will have to wait for the FAWE dev team to publish a more stable version before we launch BuildBox.



We have spawns for AdvPlots, Plots, and a General Hub Spawn planned out and built, with just a few additional details yet to be added.

We still have a few spawns that need to be built completely from scratch, although some old Create spawns may be reused as well. If you are willing to help out the team with building some of them, feel free to shoot me a PM! We appreciate any help we can get!


Hello! It's time for the next round of voting!

Heres a link to the poll


Laptio's Galacticraft

Delve into the depths of space with nothing but your instinct to guide you, follow your instincts to take your rightful place in the galaxy. Use state of the art equipment to multiply your income and source the knowledge on ways of digitally storing matter. Create fragile, yet efficient Nuclear reactors to fuel your every need and jump into the fast lane to conqueror the galaxy. Assemble a team to make your dreams a reality and do your dirty work. Use your wits and knowledge to create vast structures to startle and overcome your enemies in the constant battle for the ruler of the galaxy on Lapitos Galacticraft

Magiculture 2

Dive into a pack that gives users a magic modding experience! Explore dungeons, level up your character and gain skills, trade with villagers with a better trading system, and create your own adventure!

FTB: Infinity Evolved

An all time classic pack. A general all-purpose pack that contains a ton of mods to have fun and tinker with.

FTB: Revelations

Revelation is not a themed pack nor a focused pack, it’s a pack designed to cater to a large amount of players, whether you like tech mods, magic mods, exploration, building or all of those then this pack is for you. With a Forge Mod Loader count of well over 200, this pack has most everything a player is looking for with performance and stability being the main focus of design and mod choice. Minimal changes have been made to the mods so you experience each mod the way the developers intended. Also this proves very...​

Community News
From now on, I am planning on making news posts monthly updates.
I'm doing this for a few reasons, mainly because a months worth of news is a lot more to present, especially when there is a small amount of work staff.

I may bring community meetings back with this, as they won't be as frequent - I will detail about this more later.

Community Events

Special sticker offer to $5/m pledges before april 5th!

Found some spare change in your couch and are feeling generous? Donate to us to ensure our servers stay up! We also have a Patreon page where you can donate however much you want monthly, and gain a Discord donor rank if it's over $5/m: check it out here!

Special shoutout to Swift_Siren and omgitsathong for the large donations!

Minecraft Account Link
Register your forum account and get a [Member] rank in the Lobby. More rewards coming soon for forum registration and donors!

Please make sure to vote for our GameServers! It helps us reach to new players and will help grow our community, and you get rewards across all servers! You can refer to the links below for the websites.

Planet Minecraft

Community Event
Make sure to vote on the latest...​
Hey folks,
We're trying something a little different over on our Patreon - limited time EscapeRestart stickers are available! These will ship to eligible patrons who have an active pledge on April 5th. Swing by, check it out, and consider pledging!

We're mostly looking to this as a trial run of Patreon's new Special Offer feature, but if this goes well it does offer us the ability to do similar promotions in the future - we have some old school Blocktopia stuff that could one day see the light of day. ;)

Minecraft has won in the last poll, which was linked in discord and also here (thanks les).

Now it's time to decide what type of MC server it will be! You can vote at this link here


Depending on the server type, it will take some time to setup. I'm excited to release the event though! I will be closing voting in 3 days.​

Anyways, after weeks, months, (years?) of you all asking, the create staff are glad to announce that Simcity has finally expanded. The expansion itself is 2000 blocks in each direction and is scattered with oceans of different sizes and depths, rivers or varying widths and lengths, specifically designed to be adapted to whoever resides there.


With new land, comes new rules (The full create rulebook is still in works, but here is what you need to know in relation to the expansion).

- From this point, onwards no new regions/wool borders will be granted, until your settlement has naturally grown and reached a level of built content that warrants a protection.

- Oceans/river terrain may be edited, but please exercise common sense. They're designed to be build upon and improved. Don't be dumb and fill it in/replace it with air etc. It took a lot of effort to create them.

- There are to be no region claims in open bodies of water (A land claim requires land).

- Sections of rivers/coastlines/islands may be claimed as part of a settlement.

- Excessive/oversized ships will be removed from the oceans – FlatWater™ coming soon.

- A 'No new settlement zone' NNSZ has been marked on the above map in white. This is primarily a 500 block buffer zone, to protect those previously blocked by the old world border. And is to prevent other players intentionally blocking them. (This zone may only last for a time to allow bordered settlements to expand)....
Due to time constraint getting the SMP out in the holidays, and some unfortunate events, these are the current issues you will notice on SMP when you log in.​

• Item frames broke, all of them. We have backups, should be fixed within a few days

• Economy not completely in place, feel free to use the traders you find, will be fixed the next hours.

• Lack of NPCS and Quests in general are still being added.

• Biomes in snow terrains will be fixed the next weeks, its a pain to do.

A lot more transportation options will be added the next few days

Player made settlements, and with them the nether will be added the next days.

There will be more content available on release than in any SMP ever released before in this community, so you should still have more to do. Everything that is added on the server, should work, if it does not, please notify us.

The SMP team has done some amazing work, its unfortunate that we do not have all the features available at, but it should still be a great experience for all of you!

Bitching about stuff that is not finished will get you muted, constructive criticism and notifying us of issues with the server is as always welcome though!