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This Saturday, at 8 PM GMT (see full schedule further down) we will be having an extraordinary community meeting!

We had some changes within the the community recently that should be addressed sooner rather than later, in addition to some very exciting news we want to share with you!

In celebration of this, we will be having drinking games all through the evening, and we will be on Tinychat too, please come join us!

After the meeting is finished, we will be watching a movie, of course with drinking games too!
(Please see movies below, and vote above, if you got other movie suggestions, post below)

And last but not least, whether you want it or not, the evening will probably end in a giant messy...
It's time for some purpur, violet or whatever you wish to call it, because the third iteration of GameNight is here, welcome! Happening on Saturday 07.04. 19:00/7pm GMT [Timezone Translator].

Now to this week's event:
It has been decided! Transformice it is.

The game itself:
It is a pretty fun flashgame. Yes it is a flashgame, but it's free!
The goal? C h e e s e
You will have to parcour around obstacles to obtain the cheese and then you will also have to bring it back, meanwhile a shaman could also be present whose goal is to help the others and also obtain the cheese... Now a shaman doesn't actually have to help anyone and can as well just grief, which is a frequent occurence.
Steam Link // Website
We will be playing in the room EscapeRestart

You can join by logging in as a guest or with your account(MAKE SURE TO HAVE INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH SELECTED) and then typing
"/room EscapeRestart"
into the chat. Have fun!
Password is

Now to this week’s event:
Vote with yer wallets, I mean just vote for a game you want to play. Thank god that this time I actually got some requests. Anyway stopping this rambling, we get to this week's event:
Hello ladies and gentlemen of the community.

As we all know the overhaul was never a huge success. In the past few years we've done worse than ever. For a long time now I've had the dream of returning to our former glory.

So first of all I want to talk about my time as staff member recently. For a short while I was leading the deception project, HOWEVER, quickly it became apparent how demotivated the staff team was. Sadly nobody really feels like doing any work anymore. Nothing that we wanted was going according to the plan and all projects were failing. In one of the important meetings we had as admins we came to the conclusion that it might be best to shut down EscapeRestart soon.

In the end I resigned because I was so heartbroken that it was likely going to be the end of the community. Lately there was hope with the temporary SMP being such an enormous success and it looked like ER was making a great comeback. Then the worst thing imaginable happened. The best and most important staff member RESIGNED, DANNI. Without Danni it's clear that we cannot go on as a community and we're likely to fail within the coming week.

But fear not members, I have always been ready for this. Together with Freaky and Later_Gator (aka Joxey) we will make sure the legacy of this community will continue. With permission of the admins OF COURSE we are going to bring back Blocktopia as something to follow up on ER's demise. Right now we don't have a lot but with your help we can make our community great again. In the coming weeks we will sort out everything in our discord and get rolling. Here's the link:

Our plan is to have a great discord community and set up some fun server that can be played on with friends and strangers alike. There is not a lot so we hope you can be patient and help us out whenever we need.

We hope to see you around in Blocktopia!

With kind regards,
The Blocktopia staff team.
Hello, welcome to our first Bi-Weekly SMP status update,
Every other week after the meeting we will be giving you a bit of information regarding the status of SMP, this will include a bit of lore, some progress screenshots, and just general updates on our progress

SMP Status Update 1

General News:
Lets start with the biggest change,
Danni122112 has resigned from admin due to personal reasons and will cease as SMP's admin
uhtr5r (I) will step in early as SMP's admin (Initially I was to join Danni as an admin officaly in a few weeks)

SMP will continue in the same way it has, there are no plans to change anything from Danni and the others plans' at this time (I mean, the lore document is 94 pages alone)

There where no other staff changes this week of note.

This week's lore infographic is about the language of the world, designed by Mulbery , it's a fully functioning script with many nuances not shown below. (Thank you Arelic for writing some additional filler text)

This week we're going to look at 3 builds currently happening within the world. The images are hot-linked and not embedded as they are LARGE

The first build is the village of Arcem Lunarus, a village build by myself based around the buildings and lore of the original Arcem (Capital of Aeres) in the first Primordia.

The second build is Castle Concord, The seat of King Drawohby by JKangaroo and cheatyface

The final build this week is one of the bridges crossing the large ravine that separates two large sections of...
Community News 288 -31st March 2018


Community Events
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If you have some money spare, we would really appreciate a donation! We also have a Patreon page where you can donate however much you want monthly, and gain a Discord donor rank if it's over $5/m: check it out here!
Thanks a lot to uhtr5r for filling the donation bar by donating 50$ last month!

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This week's Crayola colour is: ((̲̅ ̲̅(̲̅C̲̅r̲̅a̲̅y̲̅o̲̅l̲̲̅̅a̲̅( ̲̅((>

Also, snazzy new banner to reflect on Create being renewed.

Create Renewed
If you haven't already, please make sure to check out the teaser post for my new project on renovating Create! Expect more update / teaser posts like this as we progress with the server.

Thanks for all the feedback so far, and...

Hello, first of all I'd just like to thank everybody who participated in the Create Feedback Form. This information will help me A LOT in the rework of Create, and all the feedback is really appreciated. If you haven't filled it out yet, go ahead and take it now!

I got a very good amount of responses, and to thank you all for that, I decided to throw out some teasers.

Bhyldir's up to something...


New Name, Who This?

Now, to move on from that. On top of everything I'm doing to renew Create and giving it a fresher feel again, along with fixing its problems - I want to give it a fresh new name. I went ahead and decided to throw up a poll (fingers crossed it doesn't go like SMP's polls) to decide on that since I figured It'd be nice to let the community help decide on it.

What do you mean I'm not good enough for spec?

Create has a ranking system that is a mess, and the standards are quite iffy. Many users pointed this out, and I want to fix this - along with some staff issues. Expect a lot more clear and concise guides about ranking, available to users and staff, with (hopefully) some nice graphics to go along with it!

... and many more!

I don't want to give away everything, so that's all I'll be talking about today. Feel free to discuss on this thread about what I've proposed, and if you are at all interested in this project - please message me! I need all the help I can get to make Create better oriented toward this community, and new members, and I can only do that with the help from you guys. Thank you!

Hello you all!

After the recent suggestion thread, we have decided to put up the server, on the latest snapshot, and it is already up!

You can connect on this IP:

Due to this being on the latest snapshot, there are a bunch of new things in minecraft, a lot of water things mainly, take a look here:

Don't be a dick.
Don't hack.
Community Guidelines apply.

Go here:
Enable snapshots.

Create a new profile on the latest snapshot.


Connect to IP.
Welcome everyone to the second iteration of Gamenight. This week's event will be on Saturday 24.03. 19:00/7pm GMT [Timezone Translator]. There will be a gamenight every other weekend, e.g. every 2 weeks, until (for now) Saturday, hosted by the friendly staff of EscapeRestart and organized by me.

So you might ask, how does a Gamenight work? What is Gamenight? What do I have to do to participate?
Simple, a server gets hosted, players come and go, be it community members or outsiders and people have fun.
Now, what do you, the player have to do? Nothing. Just join whenever you feel like, have fun in whatever game we might be playing and look forward to the next event.

The main point of these Gamenights is to give the community something special. Something members can look forward to, to end the monotony, which is why the gamenight won’t be fixated on a single game but will try to explore multiple games, known or unknown, which we together as a community can enjoy.
Now to this week’s event:
Time for the follow up to the first Gamenight! Even though, the first Gamenight's success was rather underwhelming it still surpassed my expectations, so at least that's something!
It has been decided!
Boardgame Online will be played as part of the second GameNight! Starting on Saturday at 7pm UTC a room will be opened, the invite link will be put into discord as well as into this thread. It will go on as long as there are players(this means it actually will last for this night)
To those coming in late, there will be multiple rounds, link will be updated when a new round starts.​

Anyway, since...​
A new SMP trailer has unexpectedly appeared!

Thanks to Mulbery for creating this!​