Minecraft SimpleSMP Closing Event


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Jan 13, 2013
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Date: August 7th, 2022 @ 8PM UTC
Event Details

It's finally time to say goodbye to one of our longest running SMP's. We will be celebrating by doing the classic, blowing everything up!

When you join the server on August 7th, you will have the ability to set your own gamemode, enter creative, and use whatever blocks / items you want! Always wanted to blow up that on persons base who stole your sheep? Now is the time to do that!

We will also just be hanging out on our Discord, talking about old memories from the server, and if anything else pops up we will lead with that as well! This is definitely a more laid-back event, but I hope ya'll can enjoy the final moments with SimpleSMP.

Closing Statement

SimpleSMP was really fun to make, and I'm really happy that so many people enjoyed the server - albeit its shortcomings. I learned a lot of new things while running this SMP, as it was my first ever survival server, I have truly tried to run besides small ones with friend groups.

There will be a world download posted soon as well, so don't worry about your builds - they are safe!