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Jan 13, 2013
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Welcome to EscapeRestart's Towny SMP! Towny is a survival experience that encourages players to build up towns to protect themselves and their land. This is a fairly laid-back survival experience, but there's a ton of things for players to do, explore, and grind!


  • Griefing / Stealing is allowed when it isn't claimed
    • While you can, please don't utterly destroy / decimate - do what you need to take the items and leave.
  • PvP is allowed outside of unclaimed areas
  • Towns cannot steal / raid / kill each other unless established enemies
  • Please keep chat respectful
  • Make sure you are following our Community Guidelines / TOS
  • Constant harassment of specific players / groups is not allowed
  • If you find a bug, do not exploit it - report it.
  • Absolutely no third party clients / modifications that give you an advantage.
  • Staff have final say in all matters

Towny is the way to protect your land, chests, and other items. You can either start a town yourself or join one that has already been made. There may even be public towns, where you can just join them without any form of request / permission.

As your town grows, the leader / mayor will have to pay expenses for the upkeep of the town, like taxes and other various things. This is automatically taken from the Town Bank, which any member of the town can deposit into.

If you want a detailed guide of the Towny Plugin, I suggest watching the YouTube video series below!

Player Driven Economy
While there are a few NPC's at spawn who will buy items off of you, the main form of economy on this server is completely player driven.

Players can make shops easily by hitting a chest with the item they want to sell and set warps to those shops so they can easily advertise them and make some money. Players are also able to access the auction house by using the command /ah, which is essentially a giant portable player shop where everyone can list items.

As you rank up, you will unlock things like sell boosts for the NPC, more player shops, and more auction house listings.

As you play on the server, you can go up in ranks to get more perks and benefits! These ranks are all accessible by every player, you just have to do the grind to get them! Each rank has various different objectives, and costs money / XP to rank up. Here is the current rank lineup:



If you want a full perk list of what ranks get, I suggest using the /ranks command in-game to check them out!

Other Features
You can find a ton of other things to do on the server! I've made sure to include a handful of various fun things for players to grind for on release, here's some of the more notable features:
  • Players unlock pets as they rank up, with skill trees
  • Custom Structures to explore
  • New spawn
  • Voting Rewards, support us and get benefits!
  • mcMMO Skills / Abilities
  • Leaderboards in spawn for competitive aspect
  • Helpful GUI systems for mcMMO, Ranks, & More
  • Armored Elytra's
  • & More
Besides all of that, I do plan on doing a few content updates for the server - this is a fun project that I enjoy doing and see no reason to stop working on it when it doesn't hinder my work in other places. Make sure to keep an eye out for more threads to help you navigate our new server, and for new updates!

Hope you all enjoy!