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Jan 13, 2013
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While we have our main Minecraft servers, we host a ton of events, from special Minecraft servers to other games, and even movie nights! We try and plan events weekly for the community to join in and get together to have fun together. There's always something for somebody going on, so make sure to come check them out!

Event Calendar

Most of our events are hosted on our Discord, and that is also where you can find our Event Calendar! It's located on the top of our channel list and is pretty hard to miss! This wonderful calendar will tell you about all our upcoming events, and all you have to do is click on it to learn more! If there is an event that is upcoming, it will display it as a banner.

Movie Nights / Voice Chat

When our event requires some form of screensharing or voice chat, there is a 99% chance we will be on our community discord, so make sure you are in it! During things like Movie Night, obviously please be respectful of everyone - treat it as if you were in the movies yourself. You can text in the voice chat channel by either holding the channel down on mobile and selecting "Chat" or hovering over the channel on PC and clicking the "Chat" icon.

Event Suggestions / Event Managers

If you want to see an event in the future, check out our #suggestions channel on Discord. You are able to submit a form for an event using the link here: Then the Event Managers can gauge interest on the event and see if they can work it into our schedule!

If you are at all interested in being involved with the event process, wether that be helping host, moderator, or organize events - you can apply for the event manager role on our Discord via #apply-for-help using the link here: We need all the help we can get, so if you think you are fit for the role - apply!

Event Guidelines / Rules

All of our events, no matter where they are hosted will be following our basic Terms of Service, and also follow our commonsense rules. If you are at all unruly or break the TOS while participating in our events, you are subject to being kicked or banned from the event, and possibly further events. Depending on the severity it could also lead to a Global Ban, so please be mindful and respectful of players just as much as you would on our other platforms.

Hope everyone enjoys our event lineups!