1. jackamel

    Simcity water expansion has opened!

    IT'S FINALLY HERE OMG LOSE UR S**T :cold: Anyways, after weeks, months, (years?) of you all asking, the create staff are glad to announce that Simcity has finally expanded. The expansion itself is 2000 blocks in each direction and is scattered with oceans of different sizes and depths, rivers...
  2. JRdG

    Create adv thingy

    Account Name: [JRdG2000] References (Adv+): [Robo and Psycho (thanks)] Screenshots of builds: [ Additional/final notes: [none]
  3. FreakyCupcake

    Event Create Competition: Spirit of Summer - Winners!

    First off, we'd like to thank everyone who participated in the Summer Competition. With 20 submissions, the turnout was far greater than we had anticipated! It's been awesome seeing all of the unique and interesting submissions over the past month. Now, onto the results! « Results »...
  4. FreakyCupcake

    [Information] Current Create Staff

    Below is a list of current Create Staff (as of 19th October 2017) and a brief description of their role on the server. • [Admins] have absolute control and the final say in matters concerning the server. They configure and direct the server in addition to deciding who gets promoted...
  5. FreakyCupcake

    [Information] Create Server Rules

    Rules contained within this thread are in effect beginning 4th July 2017 and apply to Create. In addition to these rules, you must follow the EscapeRestart Community Guidelines found here. Any modification or revision to our rules will be listed below. 1. Respect all staff members. (a)...
  6. FreakyCupcake

    [Guide] Topians, Mystery Boxes & Cosmetics!

    ⋅ A massive thank-you to the amazing Zelz for designing this lovely banner! ⋅ ◊ Table of Contents ◊ Plots Mystery Boxes & Cosmetic Items Opening Mystery Boxes Complete List of Cosmetics Earning Topians ◊ Plots! ◊ We've listened to feedback from players who would like access to more...
  7. P

    Minecraft Cinematic - Jackacity by jackamel

    Jackacity Architect: jackamel Cinematic: Psycho A cinematic that I did for jackamel 's build on Create. Check it out on Create! /warp jackacity3
  8. Ravimondavi

    Accepted ravis adv stuff i guess

    Account Name: ravimondavi References (Adv+): robotgator, Psycho and Hexical_ Screenshots of builds screenshots Additional/final notes: /warp ravishouse /warp ravisobservatory /warp ussnj /warp ravismountain /warp vault163 /warp pirateship /warp hughesbase /warp battleship /warp...
  9. Swift_Siren

    [ER:Create] Build Team Application

    Welcome! So, you're wanting to join the Build Team? If you're an active builder who wants to join, we will need you to fill in the Questions below to start the application process. Normal rules will still Apply. What is your IGN: What is your Timezone: What is your Create Rank: Do you have...