Simcity water expansion has opened!


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Sep 4, 2011
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Anyways, after weeks, months, (years?) of you all asking, the create staff are glad to announce that Simcity has finally expanded. The expansion itself is 2000 blocks in each direction and is scattered with oceans of different sizes and depths, rivers or varying widths and lengths, specifically designed to be adapted to whoever resides there.

With new land, comes new rules (The full create rulebook is still in works, but here is what you need to know in relation to the expansion).

- From this point, onwards no new regions/wool borders will be granted, until your settlement has naturally grown and reached a level of built content that warrants a protection.

- Oceans/river terrain may be edited, but please exercise common sense. They're designed to be build upon and improved. Don't be dumb and fill it in/replace it with air etc. It took a lot of effort to create them.

- There are to be no region claims in open bodies of water (A land claim requires land).

- Sections of rivers/coastlines/islands may be claimed as part of a settlement.

- Excessive/oversized ships will be removed from the oceans – FlatWater™ coming soon.

- A 'No new settlement zone' NNSZ has been marked on the above map in white. This is primarily a 500 block buffer zone, to protect those previously blocked by the old world border. And is to prevent other players intentionally blocking them. (This zone may only last for a time to allow bordered settlements to expand). Anyone unauthorised building in this zone will be moved on.

Finally, have fun and don't drown.