Suggestions and Bug Reports: An Update

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    Here's a quick update from your lovely admin team regarding changes that we're making to suggestions and bug reports! You might have noticed how when it comes to suggestions and bug reports, it can be rather difficult to navigate your way around the forums and find the relevant forum sections. Even so, your suggestion may receive close to no staff attention, or fail to see itself being implemented despite staff promising that they will add it in one way or another.

    You'll notice that under forums, there is a new section called Suggestions and Bug Reports, where all new Suggestions and Bug reports will now be placed under. We now have a dedicated section for Community Suggestions so that you don't have to place them in the Community Discussion subforum. There are also new formats, though unlike ban appeals or staff applications, you don't necessarily have to follow them.


    So, what changed?

    First, there is now a time limit imposed on server staff and admins such that they are obliged to reply to suggestions. Next, when a suggestion is accepted, it will not be considered decided and moved to the decided pile until it has been implemented. Lastly, there are new sections for servers that do not have their own subforums, such as Discord or Teamspeak.

    If suggestions are getting ignored, they will start piling up, and you, members of the community, can use this as an indicator of how hard we're working. More importantly, this sets up the framework such that any new servers and games can quickly be added to the system. This is summarized nicely here in this image:

    In Summary:
    • New forum section for Suggestions and Bug Reports.
    • Server Staff are now obliged to reply to your suggestions or bug reports within a week.
    • New games and game servers can more easily be added to this system without unnecessary clutter and confusion.
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    Cool :D

    Some suggestions already appeared in suggestion/bug subforums :p
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    A definite lack of response and server implementation might make people reluctant to make future suggestions or reports. Hopefully you guys will follow that one week rule.
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