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    1.1) – Hacking is not allowed on SMP. This includes any mod that gives you an unfair advantage to another player. If you have to ask, “can I use this mod” then the answer is probably no.
    Permitted mods will be listed in the “Allowed Mods” thread.

    1.2) – Abusing any glitch or exploits found are illegal. Report them to a staff member immediately.
    Reports can be made by PM’ing a staff member on Discord, in-game or on the forums.


    2.1) – Griefing, or modifying another player's structure without permission is illegal, this includes: placing/destroying blocks, placing of water/lava, the tilling of soil, destroying blocks with TNT/dragged creepers, and the growing of trees on another player's property.

    2.2) – You may use other player's farms, as long as you replant the crops you took.

    2.3) – Killing another player's animals is allowed, however if killing another player's animals - you
    must leave at least two animals, enough to breed them again. If you ever accidentally kill too many mobs, contact a staff member.

    2.4) – Killing player’s horses in PvE zones or in any player made settlements is forbidden, unless the horse is currently involved in PvP combat.

    2.5) – Do not log off in other people's settlements unless you have permission to do so.

    2.6) – Do not over-raid, over-raiding can be described as raiding for more than 30 minutes at a time or raiding the same settlement more than twice a day. The raid limit of two times a day includes all members of that settlement. If you are in a settlement, coordinate with your team.

    2.7) – If a player's house appears to be based in a natural feature (a cave), that is considered their
    property. If you accidentally grief into a structure like this, contact a staff member.

    2.8) – Stealing from chests is allowed as long as you do not break any of the other rules in this compendium. You may not break blocks above chests to steal from them.

    2.9) – Do not unreasonably grief the terrain, this includes leaving floating trees.


    3.1) – Respect your fellow players and staff. Homophobic, racist or otherwise discriminatory comments are not tolerated.

    3.2) – Swearing is allowed unless it is directed at somebody, or overly excessive.

    3.3) – Do not advertise other servers. If you would like to mention another server, clear it with a staff member beforehand.

    3.4) – Stay classy!


    4.1) – Killing players in a non-PvP zone is strictly prohibited, no matter how it is done.

    4.2) – Combat logging is not allowed, is a player is found combat logging, contact a staff member immediately. This includes running at a player with the intent to harm them. If you are found violating this rule, your items are forfeit. Accidentally disconnecting or crashing from the server is not an excuse.

    4.3) – Camping another player's bed is illegal, unless they attack you first or interfere with your raiding.

    4.4) – If, during combat, a player creates a structure to defend themselves. You are allowed to break it to kill them. This does not include blocking off an entrance to an already player-made structure.

    4.5) – Traps are allowed only in the PvP zone. If players do not die from a trap, they must be able to exit it.

    4.6) – You may not harm a player immediately after they log in, or enter a new world, give them at least 15 seconds to load in, unless if they attack first.


    5.1) – The construction of item/XP-grinders is prohibited. Additionally, take note that spawners do not provide any Class XP. (Mobs must be able to hit you) (This includes autofishers)

    5.2) – Claiming land is allowed with signs. Be sure to provide information about the claim on the signs, including the date. Do not make unrealistic claims (eg. claiming a 500x500 square). If you have an issue with a player made claim, contact a staff member.

    5.3) – Purposely going out of your way to find and attempt to abuse loopholes in the rules is not allowed. If you have a question about the rules, ask a staff member.

    5.4) – Staff members always have the final call, always listen to them. If you think a staff member is being unreasonable, contact an admin.

    5.5) – Do not make an unreasonably large animal farm.
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    5.1) – The construction of item/XP-grinders is prohibited.

    rip my dreams
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    In the PVP-zone does the base have to be accessible to raiders? Keep in mind that I'm asking this due to past SMP rules.
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