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Aug 6, 2011
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A New Mystery by ChocoFox and Alisha

The Game

Hello friends, I am here to present another Mafia adventure created by the lovely ChocoFox, and we shall be hosting it together! I'll be the main host running this game, while Choco will be co-hosting.

This setup is best experienced blind, so I cannot give any details on the theme or if there are any unusual or specific mechanics. All I can say to this point is that if you have a general knowledge of our conventional Mafia mechanics, and you have a willingness to explore and learn, then you will be just fine for this game!

We will have a day start, and the main thread will be created once everyone's confirmed their role in their forum PM. For similar reasons as before we might have to be a little cagey with answering certain questions, but still make sure to ask them because you never know what we may have to say!

The Rules

Be respectful and polite.​
• Do not edit posts. Make a double/triple/quadruple/penta post instead. Even if your forum rank and permissions will let you edit or delete posts, please do not use them.
• You are not allowed to make last statements after you are dead.
• If you have not signed up to play mafia, do not post in the game thread.
• Do not rate posts after you die. It is also preferable to post instead of rate when possible when alive.
• You are not allowed to use the -In a conversation- status as a tool against someone.
• Do not look at posts that have been marked as deleted, even if you have permissions otherwise.

Honesty and Cheating​
• In all interactions with the moderator, you must be honest.
• Do not contact any player in or outside of the game about the game unless specifically allowed to by the moderator.
• Do not attempt to access another player's information by technological means (such as hacking).
• Do nothing that would be considered cheating. Use common sense.

Gaming the System​
• Do not quote your role PM, take a screen capture of it, etc. You may paraphrase the role PM.
• Do not attempt to analyze the mechanics of a role PM in comparison to other players. For example, "the fourth word of my role PM is town." Or "my PM was sent at 11:23, when was yours?"
• No outside bets or other contrivances should be made.
• At no time should there be pre-game alliances made.
• If you are confused about an aspect of your role, ask your host about it in a private channel. Do not ask about it in the game thread.

• You are expected to be an active participant in your game. Do not flake.
• If you know you are going to be absent a particular amount of time, post in game and PM the moderator that you will be V/LA. Please include the date you plan to be back and posting.

• No excessive racist, homophobic, sexist, etc. language may be used.
• Harassment of an individual player is NOT permitted. It is the nature of the game that players will be antagonistic toward each other at times. However, it should always be kept in the spirit of a game.
• Always play to your win condition. Never sabotage your team's chances simply because you're angry at them. This includes self votes and the like.

The Moderator​
• The Moderator will post frequent vote counts.
• The moderator reserves the right to alter any rule in the game including any of the rules found in this document.
• If the moderator makes a mistake on a vote count, please address it in thread in bold.
• PM the moderator with other concerns.
• The moderator has the final say.

Leaving the Game​
• When you sign up, it is expected you are capable of remaining interested in the game throughout its run.
• If you have decided you can no longer be a part of this wonderful adventure, send a private message to the moderator announcing you are leaving.
• Under no circumstances are you to reveal your role when you quit, and you should not talk about your role while the game is still running.

The Signups

We're looking for exactly 16 people this round, so Copy/Paste the following text block and tell us about yourself, and we can add you in!

I will be fine with any role I may receive.

An interesting fact or unprovable lie about yourself.

1. Infected_Alien8_
2. HKCaper
3. Unusual_Dood
4. Notme
5. Timdood3
6. Nottykitten
7. TehBrian
8. Aqua
9. jivvi
10. Stranger from Planet 9
11. MoltenAshes
12. Dess
13. TheWeakGuy48_
14. Kroppeb
15. Purplepixies
16. Vyryn

1. Comp
2. TheArchiteck
2. Fog
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May 10, 2014
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Signups are now full! This thread will remain open for anyone who wishes to sign up as a substitute! If you wish to see the dead chat for this game (i.e. be a spectator, kinda), you can DM myself or Alisha!


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