[Gamenight #5] It's free real Estate

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Which free real estate?

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  1. Sid Meier's Civilization V

    7 vote(s)
  2. OpenSpades

    3 vote(s)
  3. StarCraft Brood War

    2 vote(s)
  4. Terraria

    5 vote(s)
  5. Factorio

    1 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
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    Announcing the 5th! GameNight!
    Yes, really. Free real Estate, or at least Territorial gain! That's the main theme of this week's GameNight!
    Saturday, 28.04. at 8:30PM UTC [CONV] right after the meeting! Be there and you will get your rree Estate.
    Come and go at any time you want!

    Sid Meier's Civilization V it is!
    After the meeting on Saturday! Be sure to be there and if not have fun with these nukes Ghandi sends you.

    Game Description:
    Time to build up the madness! This game is going to take some time-investment but it's worth it!
    ... And also some actual investment as well, since it's not free. (8GB)
    In case you don't want to play Vanilla, request a mod, simple as that. The rest can be clarified once everyone met up.

    So many games were suggested this time and even the random pick is a good and fitting one!
    So get voting on the following games:

    Sid Meier's Civilization V
    Time to build up the madness! This game is going to take some timeinvestment but it's worth it!
    ... And also some actual investment as well, since it's not free.
    With patience you shall win! I'll also take mod requests, just do it in time! (8GB)

    Open Spades
    You wanted it, the random picker also wanted it, so I guess it returns this week as well.
    It's just like Minecraft but with guns and trench-warfare....
    Or just remove some mountains. Max Players is 32, and it's freee.
    It's a fan-made remake of Ace of Spades(the old one).

    StarCraft Brood War
    An RTS. We could do a tournament if this should get voted in. Hotseat is for obvious reasons impossible. Also it's from 1998, so don't get scared, it's still a good 1st gen RTS with base building!
    And everyone is going to suck at it anyway, because nobody actually played it. This should be fun!
    Also FREEE (more details to follow)
    GAME LINK (Link lists it as StarCraft® Anthology)

    It's a Minecraft clone. Obviously.
    Jokes aside, seems like a solid 2D Minecraft-like game... Yes I'm still going to compare it.
    It's a lot more focused on PvE though. I think everyone should know it. Obviously it's not free....
    But playerslots are technically unlimited.... I think. (200MB)

    It's Factorio!
    What's it about? You "crashland" on an alien planet and need to build up production from scratch.
    Meanwhile you will get regular attacks from the native bugs, although the game itself isn't actually that buggy. The goal is to launch rockets into space and survive while automating every little thing and see it all fall apart!
    Max players is unlimited, TvT or even PvP is possible as well. Also there are flamethrowers.
    Sadly not free, you gotta buy it. (1GB)

    (Nukes are included as well!)
    See ya after the meeting!(Yes, this week's meeting)
    More information about GameNights:
    There is now a dedicated channel to the GameNights on Discord!
    All you have to do to view the channel is to assign yourself the gamenight role on Discord. The purpose of the channel for now will be just general discussion about the GameNight event. It is also highly possible that it will also be used for suggestions. And in case you somehow still don't have Discord, just view the forums for the information you need to join. In case of problems contact me.
    When you assign yourself the role, you will be pinged when a gamenight starts. Thanks Jolt and Freaky.

    There will be a gamenight every other weekend, e.g. every 2 weeks hosted by the friendly staff of EscapeRestart and organized by me.

    So you might ask, how does a Gamenight work? What is Gamenight? What do I have to do to participate?
    Simple, a server gets hosted, players come and go, be it community members or outsiders and people have fun.
    Now, what do you, the player have to do? Nothing. Just join whenever you feel like, have fun in whatever game we might be playing and look forward to the next event.

    The main point of these Gamenights is to give the community something special. Something members can look forward to, to end the monotony, which is why the gamenight won’t be fixated on a single game but will try to explore multiple games, known or unknown, which we together as a community can enjoy.
    Now you might ask, why not just make a permanent server?
    This is to avoid burning out the playerbase. Would the server be made permanent and just change the game bi-weekly, it certainly would certainly not be filled at all times, which defeats the entire purpose of this event.
    Now, you surely won’t like what kind of games I pick for the gamenight, which is why I’m asking you to send me suggestions. I will make sure to open a poll for the next gamenight, which will be in about 2 weeks from now to make the event host your favorite game.
    Required Criteria:
    -It has a multiplayer, it makes no sense to suggest a singleplayer game for a multiplayer event.
    -It supports a sufficient amount of playerslots (More than 3)
    Bonus points if it fullfills these additional criteria:
    -It’s free.
    -The gamesize is relatively small
    -The more playerslots possible the better
    -Many in the Community have it.(When it isn’t free)
    Request yer damn games! Just PM me here or message me on Discord.
    Keep in mind, once a game has been put up for an event, it won’t be considered for the next 2 events, to keep the selection of games spread out.

    In case you have any more questions, feel free to ask them. I also don’t mind any suggestions for improvement or pointing out mistakes. Seriously, I don't bite.

    Let the games commence!
    Note: The logo isn't final. Suggestions and submissions welcome
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    Just gonna post this relevant piece of information as a new post.

    Civilization V has been voted for. Now is the question:
    Which DLCs? How many of those interested in playing have it?
    Which mods?(Yes it should be possible)

    Also since it seems that most people missed it. There is now a gamenight role on discord. It allows you to view the #game-night channel and all relevant pieces of information.

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