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    Welcome everyone to the first iteration of Gamenight. Starting from Friday 09.03. 19:00 / 7pm GMT [Timezone Translator] there will be a gamenight every other weekend, e.g. every 2 weeks, until (for now) Saturday, hosted by the friendly staff of EscapeRestart and organized by me.

    So you might ask, how does a Gamenight work? What do I have to do to participate?
    Simple, a server gets hosted, players come and go, be it community members or outsiders and people have fun.
    Now, what do you, the player have to do? Nothing. Just join whenever you feel like, have fun in whatever game we might be playing and look forward to the next event.

    The main point of these Gamenights is to give the community something special. Something members can look forward to, to end the monotony, which is why the gamenight won’t be fixated on a single game but will try to explore multiple games, known or unknown, which we together as a community can enjoy.
    Now to this week’s event:
    The first Gamenight is here! Now since the event will begin in about 2 days, a game has been randomly picked. The game in question:
    Double Action: Boogaloo
    It is a free fast-paced third person shooter available on Steam, where the player is required to shoot other players while doing stunts, which includes jumping around, using bullet time and sliding along the floor while killing(or boxing) someone. Occasional checkpoint races happen as well in matches and sometimes a bounty is placed on a player.
    The controls are your average TPS controls, except that right click makes you perform stunts, by which you multiply your points while hitting other players. The player with the highest score wins the match.
    Here is a quickguide for the game.
    Required Specs:

    Processor: 1.7 GHz
    Memory: 512 MB RAM
    DirectX: Version 8.1
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Storage: 5 GB available space
    Steam Link
    More information about Gamenights:
    Now, you surely won’t like what kind of games I pick for the gamenight, which is why I’m asking you to send me suggestions. I will make sure to open a poll for the next gamenight, which will be in about 2 weeks from now to make the event host your favorite game.
    Required Criteria:
    -It has a multiplayer, it makes no sense to suggest a singleplayer game for a multiplayer event.
    -Players can join and leave the game with no repercussions (exceptions can be made)
    -It supports a sufficient amount of playerslots (More than 4)
    Bonus points if it fullfills these additional criteria:
    -It’s free.
    -The gamesize is relatively small
    -The more playerslots possible the better
    -Many in the Community have it.(When it isn’t free)

    Now, game suggestions will be collected by me(it would probably be preferable to do that in a thread) and they will be put out for voting for the next gamenight.
    Keep in mind, once a game has been put up for an event, it won’t be considered for the next 2 events, to keep the selection of games spread out.

    Now you might ask, why not just make a permanent server?
    This is to avoid burning out the playerbase. Would the server be made permanent and just change the game bi-weekly, it certainly would certainly not be filled at all times, which defeats the entire purpose of this event.

    In case you have any more questions, feel free to ask them. I also don’t mind any suggestions for improvement or pointing out mistakes.

    Let the games commence!

    Note: The logo isn't final. Suggestions and submissions welcome
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    Small Reminder:

    The server is online right now. Join it, EscapeRestart
    For once it isn't the empty server!
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    Alright, the event is about to end, and since that's the case...
    I'd like to hear feedback on this event as well as recommendations for the next event.
    Post them here or PM me.

    To the event itself... I'd consider it a semi-success. At least it happened and people turned up.
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    Thats better than some!

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