[Declined] TubaRiver's Staff Application

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Aug 6, 2011
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1)In-game Username: TubaRiver

2)Staff References (not required):

3)Prior Blocktopia/EscRestart Staffing Experience:
AoD and JtE as an operator, along with premium TnT as trusted.

4)How would you describe the responsibilities and obligations of a moderator:
A moderator is to use their knowledge and experience to the best of their ability in order to benefit in the community in a variety of ways. Which may include, but is not limited to; rule enforcement, friendly atmosphere, cooperation with not only other staff members but all community members/players, and decision making.

5)Assume there are more applicants, for what reason would we choose you over them:
Despite recent lack of on-time for our servers, I feel i have proven to the community my experience, knowledge, helpfulness, and loyalty. Also, not 100% applying to this staff application, but it could also benefit in a manner of speaking; I do also look towards helping out in a higher manner on a developer level for our community. Not only would our current developers have an extra set of hands but at the same time it would most definitely improve my own current abilities for future RL opportunities. If any resume of proof is needed in this aspect to show my abilities i have no problem giving it.

6)How would you deal with a situation you have no experience with:
I am a stubborn one, if there is something i need/wish to do and i have no experience in said area, then dammit i will learn! But in the meantime but current abilities would have to suffice along with asking various questions to those who may have experience where i lack.

7)How would you deal with another staff member abusing their powers:
Depending on my own conscious of whether or not i feel i can talk them out of abusing their powers by myself, obviously i would need support from our fellow staff. Seeing exactly where their mind is/was at, at the time of abuse. Then decide along with staff or pass it on to those who can provide the appropriate consequence if deemed necessary.

8)What do you consider your greatest weakness:
Impatience, to many i know i have seemed to be at least decently patient and can play the fool quite well in this aspect. But after multiple and repeated explanations, constant similar situations, etc i can become quite impatient and aggravated. I try not to let it seep out but then again, bottling emotions is not very healthy.

9)Anything else you would like tell us about yourself:
I've been off and on the servers and forums for college as which many probably already know, along with lack of enthusiasm for current servers (sorry RoF and BB i still love yall though <3). However kami is bringing back the enjoyable aspect about SMP that i love. Also, see question #5 for another reason. Gotta do something to show off my degree, and gain more experience while the actual jobs aren't available right? lol

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Sep 9, 2012
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Hello TubaRiver, after discussing your application we have decided to decline it, as you mentioned in your app, your on and off nature with the community of late has left us concerned whether or not you would remain active after the opening of the server. You are welcome to reapply after the server opens.
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