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Jun 3, 2012
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What is a Community Driven Event?
A "Community Driven Event" (occasionally shortened to just "Community Event") is an event you set up and run. The brainchild of Ogarci, it gives you the ability to run the events you want to see, whether that be messing around on League of Legends or a GMod mega server. Ever been annoyed your favourite game hasn't had an event? Take it into your own hands. Even if it lacks support, we give you the ability and help you to advertise your event. All we ask in return is that there is clearly noted association to EscapeRestart, to help promote both you and us.

What are the rules?
Here are the guidelines:​
  • This is for people who are able and willing to set up servers on their own or with assistance. Pure suggestions should be marked with the "Suggestion" prefix, and are not community-driven events.​
  • EscapeRestart may host servers for you, although that is at the discretion of CAs and much more assistance surrounding setting up will most likely not be offered after that.
  • Events are not limited to self-hosted/community servers; they may be on a pre-existing server (for example, MMOs are allowed).​
  • Events may be set up by a group of people - not just an individual.​
  • A poll should be set up on each post to allow further support to be gathered, with the options of “Yes, and I would play on it”, “Yes, but I won’t play on it”, "Not interested" and "No".​
  • After approval, admins will check close to the expected release date noted on the application if the event is not ready by then. This will primarily be a check to see if a server has been abandoned or not. The next steps after this will be coordinated with the people running the server.​
  • The people setting up the event are expected to initiate forum conversations for things such as for support and posting on the forums if necessary - this will not be a responsibility for staff.​
  • Events must comply with the community rules.​
  • Events must have a unique aspect to them, as to not just overlap/compete with current servers.​
  • Events must have a clear/labelled association with EscapeRestart where possible. This could be in the server name/MOTD as an example, and might include forum/TS/Discord links to promote the community.​
  • The people running the event may choose to add their own staff, however, Community Admins may request their removal if their actions are not satisfactory. EscapeRestart staff will also be available if requested as well.​
  • An event’s conclusion will be agreed with the person running the server. On a self-hosted server, the person running the server may continue the server without EscapeRestart branding thereafter. On a server hosted by EscapeRestart, the server may be continued independent of the person running it if that is agreed.​
  • Community Admins reserve the right to gain staff permissions on servers.​
  • The people running the event may pull out of making it at any time, but admins must be informed that this has occurred.
  • Admins + Controllers reserve the right to vote to terminate the ‘sponsorship’ of a server early if they feel it is necessary, for example, non-compliance with guidelines.​
How do I apply?
Make sure you've read the guidelines, then here's the format:​
Description of event:
List any required admin assistance:
Current stage of completion:
Expected date of release:
Other notes:
What happens after that?
Whilst your poll gathers support to give you an indicator of how large of an audience your event may get, Controllers+ will vote to approve the event. The vote will only take 1/3 of controllers/admins/CAs or 1/2 of CAs (4 and 2 as of the producing of this thread) to approve, as to favour most events and just block ones that are obviously things like trolls. Application popularity is not an influence in these votes.

Once your application is approved, it's all on you. Start production on servers if you haven't already, start the conversations for support. Feel free to ask for things such as Discord channels and such. Once you're done, tell the admins, and either have a post ready to give to us or request a post to be made. We'll then post the thread in the Community Events subforum and feature it on the main page. If you have an image for the slider, we'll use that too. The advertising team will advertise the event to an extent they will determine, although if this is coordinated with them beforehand it would be beneficial.

When your event is ready to close, tell us, and we'll figure it all out. If we're hosting it, we may give you server files on request, or we may request we keep hosting it, but all of that will be agreed when it reaches that point.

We'll update this once the inevitable flood of questions starts coming in.
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