Minecraft Catcocomics' Village Project


Jul 20, 2013
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Hello, I've been recently making a little world on my realm where I intend to gather a nice, small group of disciplined people to do a sort of story/professions-based world with some bit of heroes vs villain(s).

This IS being hosted on my realm, so I can have no more than 10 players (and myself) on at one time, thus I need to limit it to about 10 or 11 total players at most.

I am aiming for this to become active around mid-late October and will be making a small Youtube series out of it if it launches. If you are interested and have a somewhat flexible schedule, let me know, and I can put you in the discord group for further details.

There are two different groups of players involved, the Villagers/Heroes and the Villain(s) (it is mandatory that we have a villain, and the villain may have one or two underlings).
Villagers: 3/6 (hard cap of 8)
*Catcocomics the Forest Mage
*SeanNosliw the Forester
*Wolfyre Wolfswift
Villain(s): 0/1 (hard cap of 3)

The villagers work together to defend their village (and the world) from the villain by joining their skills and resources together. it is ideal to be one of the many villagers if you want a more relaxed role on player interaction with the option of adventure nearly certain to be available (well, the priest might not be too comfy outside of home).

The villain role will definitely be more complicated than the others, and I am prepared to offer guidance and assistance with knowing what needs to be done.

Final note; everyone is allowed two signature tools/weapons and one signature piece of armor.
Send a private message to me, either by forums or by discord with the specifications for your signature(s) (they aren't mandatory to play, but they will probably come in handy).
The villain might get extra signature armor, or something...

Bear in mind, I will balance the signature items to fit with the map, slightly weaker signatures will become available earlier than stronger signatures (hopefully), but nothing beats the power of the artifact.

There are also some legendary items that can boost some of your abilities.