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Spring has come to EscapeRestart, and the Easter Bunny has made an appearance on Create! He has hidden dragon eggs around the world, and wants you to go out and find them!

[​IMG]How To Play[​IMG]
There are 10 eggs hidden around a 250x250 terrain world - can you find them all?
  • To get to the event world, type /mvtp EggHunt.
  • Use the hints given below to find as many eggs as you can!
  • When you find an egg, take a screenshot of yourself with it.
    • Press F5 twice to go into 3rd person mode, then push F2 to take a screenshot.
  • When you're done, PM nillbugwtw and/or Prizyms with the pictures of you with the eggs.
    • You can use a tool like imgur to compile an album.
  • Once the event is over, those who found the most eggs will be entered into a drawing for Steam games!
    • Here is the full list of possible prizes:
      Show Spoiler

      7 Days to Die
      AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome
      Always Sometimes Monsters
      AquaNox 2: Revelation
      Black Mirror
      Bridge Project
      Crayon Physics Deluxe + Aquaria + Dungeons of Dredmor Steam Pack
      Crusader Kings II + African, Norse, and Russian Unit Packs
      Deadfall Adventures
      Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten
      Democracy 3
      Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition
      Dustforce DX
      Escape Goat 2
      Euro Truck Simulator 2
      FTL: Faster Than Light Advanced Edition
      GRID 2
      Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition
      Gone Home + Soundtrack
      Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
      Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy...
Meeting Recap 27/03/2015 Meeting Recap
27/03/2015: Meeting Recap
Community News
Donations A big thanks to everyone who filled donations last month. All donations - regardless of size - are always appreciated. Every cent goes towards keeping our servers running - your generosity is and always has been the key to keeping our community afloat for so long.[/URL].

Meeting Times To clear up some confusion concerning when the meeting is, please refer to this news post for the agreed meeting time. Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused people after the past weeks.

Event Servers Sploorky and Iguana are graciously looking to host weekend event servers, and are taking votes as to what people would prefer.

Malcovent Absent Until the 3rd of April I'll be reducing my community presence to focus on College/University work. I'll postpone organizing any advertising drives until then.

Rituals of Fire News
General News
  • Bukkit, Spigot, and 1.8 can still collectively go [EXPLETIVES REDACTED]

Promotions & Demotions
  • X__x resigned, we thank them dearly for their time and dedication

Kami's Realm News
Vault Changes Vault protection has been removed.

Promotions & Demotions
  • Iguana resigned, we thank them dearly for their time and dedication
Hi all

To clear up the confusion that's, not only brought us to our knees over the previous weeks but reigned unimaginable chaos and havoc across your well structured and orderly lives.

The Teamspeak meetings will from now on be taking place at 6PM EST/10PM GMT every friday. Click here for the meeting time in your timezone.

Thanks and, hope to see you at the meeting!
- Malcovent
Meeting Recap MEETING RECAP 3/20/15
(I did this all from memory from last friday, sorry if anything is outdated or wrong, edit it if it is.)

Do you love your community? Do you want more people to join? Do you like advertising? No? Too bad! Apply for the advertising team here!

EscapeRestart needs donations to run. If we don't have donations, we have to put Malcovent out on the streets to gather cash, and nobody wants that. Please, consider donating.

Our Trouble in Terrorist Town server is released! Don't have GMOD? Buy it! Don't like TTT? Change your opinion! Have fun.​



Nothing...I think. Create staff can correct me if they want.


Rituals of Fire

fuck 1.8
fuck bukkit
fuck spigot

Adventure & Tournaments


TTT is released! Join at, and remember, your opinions help shape a server's future. If you have anything on your mind about the server, go speak to Ronaldo.
Kami's Realm

Raiding limitations are down to 12 hours between raids. What's next? Who knows!

Vaults open to all players this Friday(I think), be prepared.
Meeting Recap 03/13/15 Meeting Recap
13/03/2015: Meeting Recap
Community News
Donations A big thanks to everyone whose donated sofar - we're closing up on our monthly goal. But with just a week left all donations are appreciated - just a reminder that our community is entirely donation funded and would cease to exist without it. Every little bit helps.

Create competition The first Creative Competition has finished - with congratulations to Aperson155 for winning and a big thanks to everyone who submitted entries - it was truly difficult to determine the winner.

Advertising We will soon begin the first of many organized advertised pushes - for those of you with a unique talent or an artistic fair, feel free to apply to join the new advertising team! we'd be more than pleased to have you onboard!

  • Willchill to hearthstone subforum moderate
  • Aika to CSGO subforum moderator
  • Sploorky to Global Moderator

Rituals of Fire News
1.8 Bugs - Ongoing Issues Very good news, we found a fix for inventories, very bad news, it means no more classic gamemode

  • Hoogilan and Miyako resigned, we thank them dearly for their time and dedication

Create News
Competition time! The Minecraft Lobby Build competition is well underway, with a MASSIVE list of prizes, you can't afford to miss it!...
With the overhaul of the community we have made a new Plug.DJ room!

Thanks Qube !
Plug.DJ is a place to play music with friends and others from around
the world. You are able to create playlists from videos from
youtube and songs from soundcloud. Play all genres of
music withplayers, friends, and staff from
the community!

Plug.DJ Guide (open)

Room Rules:
1. All genres of music can be played
2. Use common sense when playing music
3. Respect everyone in the room
4. Songs will be skipped after 10 minutes
5. The same song can only be replayed after 6 hours
6. Staff have final say

Since the recent shuffle in our Minecraft server line-up, our main
hub has been somewhat outdated - and we want you to build a new one!

Hello everyone, and welcome to Create's first building competition - and it's a big one! We're looking for you to build an entirely new hub for the Minecraft division of our game servers. Since this is quite an undertaking for you to do alone, this competition will run for an entire month, and you'll be able to work in teams up to four!


Since the winning build will become our new Minecraft hub, there are a couple requirements that you'll need to follow in order for your build to be considered:​
  • The lobby will need to be modular in some fashion, and allow for the addition/removal of servers without too much hassle.​
  • You must incorporate server advertising in the lobby (really sell us on how awesome each server is!)​
  • Lobbies must have an area to quickly access any server, like the server signs in the current hub​
  • An area for quick info is not necessary but extremely helpful​
General Rules and Information
  • The competition begins on Wednesday, March 11th and runs through Wednesday, April 8th. After this, the world will be closed and judging will commence. The winning lobby will be announced at the meeting on Friday.
  • You can work alone, or in teams of up to 4 people
  • Each person/group is limited to one build - this means that you can only be in one group, and can not work on another lobby by yourself while in a group.
  • The plot sizes you will be working with are 256x256, and the entire lobby will need to fit in a single plot.
  • WorldEdit is allowed, and will be available to everyone for the duration of the competition - don't abuse it, or your permissions will be taken away!
  • The...
On Sunday March 8th at 5pm EST/9pm GMT we shall be watching...

Guardians of the Galaxy!

Viewing the movie will be made possible at:
The room is open at all times however the movie begins at the exact time listed. (Converted to your local time.)

A Teamspeak room will be made, mainly for discussion during intermission time and pre-movie screening. Any questions regarding the movie can be made here, and as always thank you for contributing and spending your time here!

Final reminder, all future movie requests and suggestions can be made here:
We do view all the suggestions, even the joke and mock ones (although we'd prefer them not to be submitted, but you can't really stop that haha).
Meeting Recap 06/03/2015
06/03/2015: Meeting Recap
Community News
New Forum Moderators Forum Moderators have been appointed to control some EscapeRestart subforums, check out this thread for a list of these promotions!.

Teamspeak News
Movie Event There is a Community Movie Night on Sunday March 8th, vote for your movie preference here!

Rituals of Fire News
1.8 Bugs - Ongoing Issues Issues are still being ironed out after the 1.8 update. Let us know if you find any issues that need addressing!

Adventures and Tournaments
Map Problems There are currently many bugs and problems with many of the maps. We will be working on all the problems to fix them ASAP. Please be sure to report any map bugs you find to tnmjimbob and EggNog.

Trouble in Terrorist Town News
Server Release Date We aim to release the EscapeRestart Trouble in Terrorist town server as of the 15th march, If anyone has any additional suggestions for addons/pointshop/map additions, please contact Ronaldo immediately - he will discuss and consider every suggestion.

Create News
Competition time! Put on your construction hats, we have an exciting competition starting next week! More news to come, stay tuned!
  • Tamzies has been promoted to Moderator, after being referenced by EVERY Create staff - congratulations!

Kami's Realm News
Nearly there! The server is on track to be released on...
"Get your pens, pencils, dancing shoes and sparkly leotard at the ready because it’s competition time. All you have to do to participate is to do something creative in relation to your favourite game. It can be anything from a picture to a fictional piece on your favourite character.

The winner will be entitled to any one Steam game of their choosing up to the amount of 20 $ or equivalent. Alongside this you will receive an amazing forum trophy worth 50 points. *GASP*

- Forum Moderator Snowma​