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Given the discussion of recent events, it's clear that we as a community should be hosting temporary event servers to give the community reasons to play games together, instead of bringing in new permanent servers, which we as a community cannot currently support.
These temporary servers would last anywhere from a single weekend up through several weeks, depending specifically on the nature of the server itself and the amount of interest garnered from the community - for example, an SMP server may last longer than a Terraria server, as it would take longer for the world to deteriorate from use.
This brings us to an important question: What do you, the players in the community, want to see us host?
A couple notes, before the poll:
  • The TTT option indicates that you would like to see the current TTT server fixed up and put back into motion again (instead of being closed down due to inactivity, outdated plugins, and lack of staff support)
  • TF2 does not have a definitive gamemode, and would likely be up to community vote if we moved forward with the idea
  • Some of the servers in the list are in various stages of completion, and may move forward to release even if they aren't a top vote in the poll
  • The Minecraft Splatoon server would use this setup
If you have anything to add to the poll, or any comments, feel free to leave them below!
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Server IP:
I'm going to address the topics in the title a bit out of order, as I'd like to start with an apology to the community.

Admittedly much of this mess the community finds itself in is due to my own negligence and lack of activity, and I'd like to personally apologize for that - now more than ever, when admin leadership is necessary to the survival of the community, I've been more detached than ever, with no legitimate reason behind my disconnect. I'd very much like to see this community turn around, and I'm now fully committed to making that happen.

That's not something that can be done alone - as a community, we need to be ready for change, as moderators and administrators, we need to be ready to make tough decisions. I'm pleased to announce that we have a couple new promotees who will help in reviving portions of the community.

First, with Superstein being on leave, Psycho has been promoted to Admin - he has some great ideas for the future of the community, and I'm happy to have him on the team with me.
Second, Lee_scar has been promoted to Server Admin of Kami's Realm, following the void left by the resignation of its former heads (admittedly, several months ago). Lee is already fixing some of KR's key flaws, and has also been brainstorming excellent ideas for other event servers.
Please welcome them both to the team!

Now, it's no secret that playercount on our servers is at an all-time low, and head staff aren't plugging our ears and trying to ignore the problem (nor would we like the community to do so). That being said, there is a fine line between pointing out shortcomings in the community vs circlejerking, between critiquing and criticizing. I would ask that, as a community, we focus our efforts into the former, instead of delving into the deep end of the latter. Certainly, a functioning community is necessary to draw more players to our community, but a forum full of "community is dying nazi admins" will only...
- Image above by SirCoomputaar.

Competition Winners​



Previous competition: Summer!
Hi, welcome to the third of Create's monthly competitions (although not on time)! This time it'll be a theme we've never done before... No theme! That means you get to build anything this time! Let your creative waters flow all over a 128x128 plot, and win you some prizes! Three winners will be picked.
  • Time/date:
    • Congratulations to the three winners!
    • Swift_Siren
    • froyd
    • @BetaPanda
    • Please PM me and I'll be sure your prizes are given to you.
  • Plotsize:
    • 128x128 /mvtp competition
  • Judges:
  • Rules:
    • WorldEdit will be allowed and Novices will be able to use it in their competition plot.
    • VoxelSniper will not allowed.
    • Builds will have to be done solo without help.
  • Prizes:
    • One game from a Steam game list provided kindly by Nillbugwtw (list will be up soon), and maybe other prizes if you ask nicely....
We finally have a new lobby built thanks to froyd for all his hard work!
Along with some slight tweaks by Robo , SirComputer , and I!
Look for some secrets and pass the different parkour areas to earn some fancy enchanted chainmail armor if you want.
Check it out!

Meeting Recap Meeting Recap 30/05/2015
30/05/2015: Meeting Recap
Community News
Next Meeting Date Saturday 27th June 2015, 10PM BST

New Meeting Format This week was our first trial of monthly/earlier meetings. This brought a much improved attendance, and so it will continue!

Server Closure Adventure and Tournaments has closed down. More info here.

Donations Donations for this month are filled! Total will refresh imminently. Thank you to all of our maginificent donors!

Crackdown A firmer stance is being taken by the administrative team on aggressive attitudes/conduct toxic to the community. Please try to maintain a friendly demeanor.

Late Recap I had intented to delay the recap to give the A&T shutdown thread some frontpage time. Unfortunately exam period got the better of me which has resulted in a very late recap. My apologies!

Teamspeak News

Badges League of Legends rank badges have been added to reward our resident LoL room occupants

KUNG FURY is an over-the-top action comedy written and directed by David Sandberg. The movie features: arcade-robots, dinosaurs, nazis, vikings, norse gods, mutants and a super kung fu-cop called Kung Fury, all wrapped up in an 80s style action packed adventure.

During an unfortunate series of events a friend of Kung Fury is assasinated by the most dangerous kung fu master criminal of all time; Adolf Hitler, a.k.a Kung F├╝hrer. Kung Fury decides to travel back in time, to Nazi Germany, in order to kill Hitler and end the Nazi empire once and for all. Kung Fury is a visually spectacular action comedy that has it's foundation in 80s cop movies.

Kung Fury is a movie made this year. After a successful Kickstarter campaign raising $630,000, they released the movie for free on YouTube. This week, we will be having a Kung Fury movie night. It goes for 30 minutes so anybody can make time for it!

When: Friday June 5th - 11PM GMT (June 7 9AM AEST, 7PM EDT, 4PM PDT)
Where: EscapeRestart's Synctube

Everyone's welcome, so please come along and enjoy a movie with your friends!
On January 24th, 2014, Adventure and Tournaments opened its doors for the swarm of new players eager to try out what the server had to offer. Next week Saturday, the 6th of June, the server will be closing and will be removed from the current server line-up for the foreseeable future. The server was never going to be big, it never pretended to be; now though, it has become unsustainable and would be fruitless trying to maintain it.

There are a large number of reasons why, the main ones being:
  • The server is ridden with bugs and issues, many of which are neigh impossible to fix. Minecraft version 1.8 broke everything and so in order to make the server fully functional again a significant proportion of the server would have to be built from the ground up. Minecraft is simply not built for trying to split up one server into several which was inevitably going to cause issues and, as you've seen, has.
  • The server has become extremely inactive, to the point where the server goes without players for days on end. There is little point keeping A&T open when numbers are this low. In addition to this, because of the lower player count, I lack the motivation to do any sort of work on the server, especially as the majority of it would be in vain as there would be few people to benefit from it.
  • Events are rarely held and often few people turn up. I'm not going to blame anybody for this, but most people will be aware that there hasn't been an event held for months. This is especially hard due to the bugs and maps issues on the server.
    I would like to thank everybody that has made the server possible, and the staff that stayed positive during its time: the server would not have been what it was without them. Anybody that has submitted maps, bug reports, turned up to events, anything at all to help the server in some way- I reall appreciate it.
As a final event, I will be hosting a last game of hunger games on June 6th at 9pm GMT (summer time); the server...
What's happening EscapeRestart.

We're doing a movie event, tomorrow at 3 PM Eastern(Convert your timezone!). We'll be watching Ocean's Eleven, it's a heisting film, and I don't know much else besides that because I haven't seen it and I don't want to spoil anything, but you can check out the wikipedia entry for it if you want HERE.

We'll be watching at

Other than that, we'll try to do another anime night sometime soon. Hope you all enjoy tomorrow. xoxo
Good evening Escape Restart, hope you are all doing well.

Due to the recent low meeting turnout and calls for meetings to be re-organised, the decision has been made to dramatically change our current system. For the foresee-able future meetings will be held on the last Saturday of each month and an hour earlier than usual, where we will aim to also host community events to coincide with the meeting weekend.

This means that there is no meeting tonight, and it will instead be held on Saturday 30th May at 10PM BST.

We hope that this means that we will be able to make a return to enjoyable, eventful meetings, and that you will all be able to come along.

In the mean time, news will be posted as it happens via the forums. Should you have any queries (including about this change) that you would usually express at our 'Questions and Answers' segment, please do not hesitate to contact the community admin team or relevant directors. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

All the best,