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Hi Everyone,

First off - thank you for being patient with the changes in recent days (Included but not limited to - all text becoming white, the forums redirecting to our host for twenty minutes & so so so much more), I wish I could say it would be the last of developments but the rush to get this theme out as has us hot on the heels of fixing bugs and inconsistencies.

The following poll contains what was the considered some of the favourite 'acceptable' three motto suggestions - based mostly off what we are comfortable putting in the title and what people in the community seemed to like on feedback. This will be the last round of voting before we open up current discussion forums to allow player input on the overhaul whilst we start to transfer some servers to a new home.

Thank you for your continued patience.
Hello EscapeRestart,

We have chosen a name: EscapeRestart
And a logo thanks to QUBE (Who has a beautiful face):

But now, we need a catchy, related motto to go with the name... because Gaming, Friends & Community just doesn't have that ring to it.

So, to submit a motto you may have, go here:


How long will subforum be open to suggestions?

Likely two days or so, then we'll move on to a vote as we have done in the past.

Why suggestions for a motto?
Because us admins are terribly, terribly uncreative.
Welcome Back everyone,

I'm happy to announce that after much work by our resident technician (GmK) - the forums are now available once more, With the updates to the forum software that have been long-needed, the old theme we used was broken beyond repair. Lucky for us, we were already tweaking and testing a new theme that we planned to roll-out when the overhaul approached.

We hope you learn to enjoy the new theme, and we look forward to valuable feedback on what user's would like to see changed/tweaked. Certainly you can expect elements of the new theme to change in the coming days.

Thank you for your continued patience.
Hi All

Thank you for all the valuable input and logo submissions so far, as agreed - in this poll you will be able to vote on one of the five top threads to choose our logo for foreseeable future. The five votes correspond to the 5 most liked threads in the section.

The poll will close before the end of the weekend.

Hi Blocktopia

With the name decided, we now move onto logo submissions. Whilst we originally had a few favourites, a number of people demonstrated interest in submitting what they would like to see as the logo - as such we've decided to take public submissions.

This time around, the community will be able to vote on submissions, however since we may need to wittle down the number, we will only allow voting on the top 5 submissions. Which will be determined by the number of likes a thread has.

I can also announce a few small points.
  • The community will be named Escape Restart
  • The fixed date for the overhaul to be finished by is February 28th, In truth it should be finished before this.
  • We will open up subforums for suggestions/feedback/criticism following the decision of the logo.

Q: (Any questions concerning logo design, please check here first)
A: All criteria for submission can be found here but essentially, let your imagination run wild.

Q: I do not like the new community name
A: I would be very surprised if everyone did like the new community name. There will always be people upset, from those who inevitably will be upset - we ask that you understand this, and we hope that you'll find it in yourself to accept and contribute to the new chosen community name in time. We hope to improve the community for the better, and we hope that you will be a part of this process.
Apologies - clerical error meant I had a deciding vote left to add a fourth name to the options. Thread reposted, vote away - won't be deleted again!

After two rounds of narrowing down all candidate names, the following three names have come up as the main choices from the candidate names. I understand that this will never be to everyone's taste so I'd ask that we keep the thread relatively clear of arguing or complaining.

Post FAQ
Q: Who decided on these names and why wasn't the community consulted?
A: Directors+ went through two rounds of voting to narrow down the names. All non-mock names posted were voted upon and these three came out as the most popular. To avoid any individual groups mass-backing certain names it was decided that the best approach was to filter the names through head staff and let community vote on the three most accepted names.

We understand people don't want to change - as many have pointed out however, we didn't want to change to Blocktopia originally - we don't expect everyone to warm to this decision, though we do hope you'll warm to whatever name we choose in due course.

Q: I don't like the names.
A: I would be very surprised if everyone did like the new community name. There will always be people upset, from those who inevitably will be upset - we ask that you understand this, and we hope that you'll find it in yourself to accept and contribute to the new chosen community name in time. We hope to improve the community for the better, and we hope that you will be a part of this process.

Q: Blocktopia was the favourite suggestion, why are we still changing?
A: From the getgo we knew that people do not like change, we'd still be called "TheOnes" if things hadn't been taken into head staff hands - even though he wasn't part of the community people still felt a sentimental link to the name - and we understand that, people made friends/relatiosnhips/etc. through this community, it...
Hi Blocktopia,

Whilst I'm afraid you'll have to wait for one of my Co-administrators to post a recap of agreed changes for the upcoming overhaul, one I can confirm is that we will be entirely dropping the Blocktopia name.​
In light of this, we've decided that the best approach to renaming the community would be to create a subforum for users to post threads with name suggestions and, people who like specific names to respond in those threads voicing interest.​
When administrators feel enough suggestions/interest have been submitted, we will either privately decide on a name from the submitted names or put the most popular three to a vote.
Q:Why not default straight to a vote?
A: Because of the inherent issue of people submitting names dedicated to a single fanbase (My Little Pony Gamers™) we decided that it's best if there is some administrative oversight on the process to avoid adopting an unsatisfactory name.​
Q: You said agreed overhaul changes, does the community not get an input on any changes?
A: Whilst the changes have been agreed by Directors+, there is plans to open up the overhaul planning forums at some stage to allow users to comment on changes & suggest their own. Albeit only for a brief period.​
Q: Why is the overhaul taking so long?
A: Partly because we don't want to rush the process, a lot of decisions to be made have large implications for our current player-base. Though partly...​
Five years ago, a group of friends came together to host a server - based on a gamemode that they loved to play, this blossomed into the community that today you know as Blocktopia. Even five years later, this same drive to enjoy a game with friends is exists and nourishes the community.

However it is safe to say that in those five years - both we and minecraft have changed, and what once worked for us as a community may no longer be sustainable or indeed enjoyable. Other avenues exist that our members show more interest in and staff show more enthusiasm in cultivating.

To use a more lively metaphor for plans - we wish to put a flame to the Blocktopia that we know now, and from its ashes have a multi-gaming community arise - complete with a new name, a new theme and a new purpose. This is however, a very large shift in direction - and one that does not come without its risks. There may be drastic changes that may see some people leave and some people lose ranks - it is for this reason that we put the decision to you - the community members, as ultimately Blocktopia belongs to you.

Below is the suggested change, followed by notable pros and cons. We ask only that you put careful consideration into your choice.

With the change, we’d potentially have…
  • A New Name: We love the Blocktopia brand, in the spirit of shifting our focus away from Minecraft, we feel a new name is needed.
  • A New forum layout and theme : To cope with drastic changes to community structure - a new layout will be needed with focus drawn away from Minecraft.
  • Removal of all but our most popular Minecraft Servers: Most likely 2 servers at most, though this doesn’t bar future servers opening.
  • Streamlining the staff structure: There are many ranks that have no clear definition of purpose, These will be removed....

Boo! Whats that over there? Its the sound of paceboys posting Madden gifs in your thread! Somethings knocking at the door? Why it's only Old Man Malcovent from years gone by, shouting at you and threatening to ban you for being a c@&!*. What the hell is a Spooky Skelenton and why is it outside my window? Whats that foul wailing in the background? The things that scare us most about Blocktopia are here all year round, but for one night we can hopefully try and top them with our spooky Halloween events lineup.

Ongoing -
Blocktopia Annual Pumpkin Carve ($5 + 2 Games prize!) (Ends 10pm on the 31st)
Blocktopia Halloween Outfit Competition - Win a title + earn some of your dignity back after wearing it!

30th October -
10pm GMT - Streaming The Conjuring [Click here]

31st October -
All day
- Plug.Dj Halloween Music [Click Here]
9:20pm GMT - Streaming Shaun of the Dead [Click here]
10:20pm GMT - Blocktopia Scream Fortress - TF2 Halloween Server! (Be On Teamspeak to Join)

1st November -