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Aug 6, 2011
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Hello adventurers!
Welcome to the Map Discussion section.​
In here, a thread for each map will be made for general discussion about a map.

There will be a poll to rate the map, and you are encouraged to post tips/tricks/anything you want to about the map. Discuss your favourite aspects of the map or ask that it be removed; it's all up to your choice!

Also, please post any problems or issues or improvements you want in the map here as well. These suggestions will be looked over as thoroughly as possible to try maximise the great experience you will have on the map!

You can post here as much as you like, just we ask that you please don't post new threads; as that will be done by me or our dedicated staff team. If we forget, feel free to poke us to get ourselves back on track (But try not to be excessive!)

If you don't understand anything written above, please ask a member of our staff team for assistance, and they will be more than happy to help!

May you find light in the darkest cavern,
The Global Adventurer Comittee