We're back! (Prestige Update)

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    Rituals of Fire has returned!

    Echoing what I put on Discord - we're now back from updating! I'll copy what I put on Discord.

    Few things - I forgot to mention a couple of features in the main post.
    • There's now a round extension vote. If you're playing a really fun round, there's no need for it to come to an end. Just vote to extend it another 5 minutes for as long as you need.
    • We've added a bar at the top that will show the progress of the lava. You can toggle this in /settings.
    • I'm not sure if I did mention it, but we have a new help menu in /help that actually works.
    I've set up a form to report bugs at - https://goo.gl/forms/8tyB6vgfD0enQwet2. This is so it doesn't have to all flood into my PM box instead! If there's any enquiries, feel free to post that through my PM box. I've probably forgot to explain a few things. Apart from that though, have fun - we'll be happy to see you on!

    (Also huge thanks to Robo for helping a ton with this - he's just so good - and also for Danni for offering to help too)
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