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    Welcome to the new forum for one of our new servers being developed, "Deathrun". We're aiming to bring RoF's Deathrun gamemode kicking and screaming into present day, making a faster, more competitive server people want to play on.

    This forum was primarily made because we're now opening up map applications for the server. We're looking for short, fast maps that players will be able to compete on and improve their time on individually. It's vague because you've got the power here - you have the freedom to influence what your map's gameplay is like. It's your map, after all. However, we do have a few tips about what you should look to include.
    • We're going to be racing here. Try to make your map suitable for competing for the fastest time. That being said, don't be afraid to be different.
    • At the same time, if possible, try to break up parkour a bit. It doesn't all need to be flippy stuff!
    • Smaller areas flooded with lava will help lag the server less.
    • Try to consider both aesthetics and gameplay!
    • Please also make sure that your map is reasonably difficult and not too long. Don't make the maps too short though. The average map should be around 1-2 minutes.
    • We encourage you to include new and unique ways to get through a map. You’re not solely limited to parkour! The use of elytra and other stuff can make your map really stand out.
    • We will be adding the ability for points in the map to have multiple routes to the same destination that can open/close randomly each round. By making players take different paths, this can really add some variety to a map, so we encourage you to try this.
    • Harder shortcuts will add some challenge for more experienced users.
    • Puzzles are not prohibited, but they should be playable each time by an individual (so one player doesn't just unlock it for everyone) and easy enough to do quickly. This is difficult though, so we'd recommend straying away from them.
    • Don't be scared to stick perfectly to the guidelines. If you have a good enough reason for straying away from our advice, that's fine - rules are made to be broken!
    To submit a map, create a map with the [Map] prefix and use the following format:
    Please note we may edit your map once it is accepted if we feel it will benefit gameplay. We will make an effort to notify you that this is happening if this is the case, so you can provide any additional input.

    Finally, if you wish to contribute to our team in any way, whether that be through generating ideas, helping develop features, or building - anything, really - please do not hesitate to PM me. We will be happy to have you on the team!

    Thanks for reading - we hope to have some more info here soon!
    - The Deathrun Team
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    A quick update:

    I've added a section about boost blocks to the map format, as in the speed and jump blocks you can get on AoD, which I mentioned in the Community News. Please use the standard packed ice and end portal frame blocks to add these. We can configure these to your liking, with different speeds/heights for each one, so feel free to get creative!

    If you have any other types of booster blocks you want to include in your map, don't hesitate in adding them to your application. This is an in-dev server, and there is plenty of opportunity to add new things. A feature you get added could be incredibly useful to many people after you! An example I was thinking of was effect blocks (potion effect when stepped on).

    Also, a couple of clarifications. This forum isn't just limited to map submissions - feel free to add suggestions and other discussion in here as well. We want to make this the best server possible, so any ideas will help us a lot! Whilst creating this post, I've thought of a spectator mode for those who die during a fast-paced map, such as Butamou's 'Drain' RaizzanX has helped me test recently. I'm going to discuss this with the team, and any suggestions you make will be discussed with you and the team as well. As well, I should probably note that the "server cycle" has been slightly edited from RoF. Instead of opting to enter the round portal, players are automatically teleported in, and a (currently 15 second) countdown is given to start the round. This means everyone will be able to get a fair start. I know Butamou implemented this sort of principle into his map, so I hope this makes it a bit easier for him when making maps!

    We're beginning to pick up some steam now, and hopefully that should carry through. There's no ETA on the server yet, but hopefully things should become a bit more apparent soon, especially once SMP's development cycle becomes a bit more clear (they stole all the builders!).

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