Vrgins Staff Application

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Server Moderator
Server Moderator
SMP Staff
Mar 6, 2012
Reaction score
In-game username:Vrgin
References (Mod+):mad:hockeyfan1852 Henry

Time zone: gmt - 5
Previous staffing experience Zombie survival trusted for like a week
How much time can you commit to the server each week?: 0 im banned
In your own words what are the responsibilities of a Moderator on this server?: Make survur fun to play and ban people who is asshole
How would you handle a situation where a staff member is abusing his or her powers?: Get his IP address then call swat to his house
What do you believe your greatest strengths and weaknesses are, how will you strive improve your weaknesses?: I am gret PvP'r I have much experence killing nubs to server my weakness is mining and building I will just use my moderator skills to spawn myself ores and use world edit to build
Please take some time to tell us about yourself (What are you favorite movies, hobbies, books etc.)?: I am MLG Bronze 3 League of Legends Player waiting for my call from TSM any day now.
Additional notes:If I go play for TSM I will not have to much time to staff because of 12 hours mandatory CSing practice then eating sleeping and scrimming basically full schedule PICK ME FOR DICTATOR!!!!!
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