TNT War's First 2v2 CTF Tournament [Sign Ups]

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Oct 18, 2011
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Put down your stone swords and get take a break from blowing up creepers, because there are much more important things to do in Minecraft!​
ily alka
TNT Wars is hosting it's first tournament and it's going to be 2v2 CTF matches! So grab a friend (or steal one), make a team and sign up below!​

The way it'll work is as follows:
A maximum of 32 people (16 teams) can sign-up so it is first come first serve. Sign ups will be opened for 2 weeks and close on August the 23rd. Just follow the simple format below.​
Staff will arrange which teams versus (to better suit timezones) and then it will be announced. A message will also be sent out to each team informing them of their time, where they should reply saying if they can make it or not.​
The knock-out stage begins where the 16 teams will versus and knock out 8 teams. Then the quarter finals where the 8 teams will remove 4 teams from the competition. The semi finals will take place, removing the last 2 teams. Finally the finale will take place with the remaining last 2 teams. TNT Staff have made 3 new maps for semi/finale so no one will know what to expect or have a strategy ready.​
The celebration, yay!​
Too confusing? Try this.
1st place winners: custom join message for 2 weeks, custom title for 2 weeks, 10,000 points.​
2nd place winners: custom join message for 2 weeks, 5,000 points.​
3rd place winners: skeleton or creeper head, 2,500 points​
and friendship for everyone!​
To sign up, just fill in this format:
Team Name:​
Members of your team:​
A big thank you to the TNT Staff who put in a lot of work to get this done for everyone! We hope the players can enjoy it as much as we have. This tournament is not for Op+.​
Have fun!​


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Oct 7, 2012
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Team Name: tntminerz
Players: ryandodd and RevlisJ
Timezone: Central Daylight Time (GMT -5, I believe. Either way, Central USA)


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Sep 17, 2012
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2 teams left to be made!
dylaned are you and buildbuild12 going to be a team? If so just fill out as much as you can of the format, and make a note that you will fill the rest out when you have the information.
Jivvi find a team mate quick! It's first come first serve.
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