The Pearled Bridge - Game Complete!

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Aug 6, 2011
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Despite generally being a group of people very prone to contemplation, the dwindling group quickly decided not to use their altar.

For once, nobody was sacrificed today.

It is now Night 6.

If you have a power you wish to use, send your action or inaction in by your preferred mode of communication.

Remaining Players
Roobarb Pie


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Aug 6, 2011
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With the day ending so quickly, the cultists retreated back to their bunks. However, they hadn't even managed to leave the building before a fight broke out anyway.

In the assembly chamber, three robed figures stood pointing guns at the other five. The figures pulled back their hoods to reveal themselves to be Mooglie, Dess, and Roobarb Pie.

One cultist moved to attack the three, but Dess shot them without hesitation. The force of the shot lifted the hood, revealing the figure to be lizthehedgehog.

lizthehedgehog was killed. She was the Jealous Baroness.
Cult aligned.
• Traits: None
• Powers: 1x Last Resort 3 Sentinel, 1x Last Resort 6 Normalize

Immediately thereafter, Roobarb Pie fired a shot at another cultist, striking them down instantly. The body was checked, and was revealed to have been Unusual_Dood, holding a strange object.

Unusual_Dood was killed. He was the Wannabe Lich.
Cult aligned.
• Traits: None
• Powers: Unstoppable Stealth Power Oracle

Dess has no powers.

One cultist fades out of existence, with their robes vanishing. The last sight of this entity is a machine...a copy machine. The entity surrounds itself in a brilliant light, and disappears. No doubt ascending to a higher plane of existence.

HKCaper has accomplished his win condition and left the game. He is the Copy Machine.
Third Party.
• Traits: Stealth
• Powers: Unstoppable Efficient Power Copy, Jail, Track, Unstoppable Stealth Power Oracle
• Win Condition: Obtain 4 powers.

With most of their threats taken care of, the three law open fire on the last two true cultists. Mooglie, Dess, and Roobarb Pie regret having to gun them down like this, but it was necessary to save the world.

erik5456 was the Conspiracy Theorist.
Cult aligned.
• Traits: Insane
• Powers: 2x Hide

Shadow_Hunter3 was the Elderly Hooker.
Cult aligned.
• Traits: None
• Powers: Block

The three remaining law now had the entire place to themselves. They wasted no time in prying the Pearl from the Wannabe Lich's staff, and felt relief that the world was safe.

Upon a cursory investigation, the law discovered a portal that needed the cultists to perform a ritual to open. There would be no telling what horrors lay beyond the portal, but undoubtedly the portal was more of a bridge between dimensions.

Mooglie is the Overweight Snitch.
Law aligned.
• Traits: None (Began with Shared Result)
• Powers: Trait Census

Dess is the Nosy Reporter.
Law aligned.
• Traits: Speech Compulsion [Once during the game, make three statements about wanting to get the full story or getting to the bottom of the mystery during the day to gain 1x Prank. If someone acknowledges your speech compulsion accurately, you fail for the day. If you acknowledge your speech compulsion in any way, you forfeit all future rewards.]
• Powers: 1x Prank

Roobarb Pie is the Secretive Witness.
Law aligned.
• Traits: Shared Result
• Powers: Power Census

It is a Law victory! Congratulations to Mooglie, Dess, Roobarb Pie, Matty, and Infected_alien8_!

Very, very well done. The Cult didn't get a chance to sacrifice any Law at all!

And of course, our Crazed Torturer Arelic and Copy Machine HKCaper join the Law as winners for meeting their conditions successfully! Great job to both of you!


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Aug 6, 2011
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Design Manifesto - Cult Roles

Here's a bunch of summaries on how I thought about designing each role, and my reflections on how they performed in the game and what I liked and didn't like about how the roles were balanced.

Resentful Supervillain
Lucky 2
Played by Aqua
I wanted to mix up the typical town protective roles in this game since they are usually very swingy. A standard bodyguard role, while mechanically useful for a low powered protective role, can lead to the player being given it going 'huh, I guess I can only make myself useful by dying'. So I gave them Lucky 2 as they are twice as likely to be taking hits. This was done pretty late in developing the setup.

Post Mortem: Ok I underestimated how powerful that would make the role, so maybe next time I'll knock it down to a Lucky 1.

Corrupt Sheriff
No Traits
Alignment Inspect
Played by Faliara
Mechanically it's a cop with nothing else to it. Several other roles I designed to twist the results in different ways using the Insane and Ascetic traits, but the role itself is as vanilla as it gets. I considered an Ascetic cop at one point as it would have been immune to roleblocks at the cost of being unable to be protected, but settled for making a few other roles more interesting instead.

Post Mortem: Shoot she was killed early, however the role itself I'm pretty happy with where it ended up.

Elderly Hooker
No Traits
Played by Shadow_Hunter3
I originally decided to give the town a jailkeeper instead of a roleblocker, but switched it around because jailkeepers are almost always town. Almost always.

Post Mortem: Yup that was a good decision, the town roleblocker remained a consistently powerful force but without the strong aspect of the protect. Perfect.

Paranoid Stalker
No Traits
Played by TheWeakGuy48_
I originally had this role try out a power track instead, but I deemed it too powerful because finding out someone's power they used is much better than finding out someone's visits. Still, it's a good support information role for the town in the event of a cop death.

Post Mortem: Wow TWG got the worst results possible, this role was pretty underpowered overall but then again town was strong, so I think this role was fine.

Edgy Teenager
No Traits
2x Power Census
Played by Rune
This is another support town investigation role, but the key here is it has the ability to scope out dangerous and unconfirmed powers in the trait list. It's only two shot because you can either use it to verify claims later, or use it to identify scary powers such as the PID kill early on.

Post Mortem: Yeah I took a risk with this one since it's either wasted or used very well, so there's a high level of variance depending on how the results are used. I think it was good in the end.

Neurotic Doctor
2x Careful Protect
Played by 77thShad
This is the other lynchpin town protective role. It's indecisive as to prevent a follow the cop situation, but this role is the prime friendly target for a normalize. The limited uses of protect serve as a buff and debuff - because the doctor will know when their protects succeed, it's much more informative than a normal doctor. At the same time, the uses decrement as to keep this doctor under control.

Post Mortem: Next time I'll make it only one careful protect instead of two, since town had a couple more ways to avoid dying.

Exotic Surgeon
1x Careful Normalize
Played by Duffie and Fog
This role is in hindsight swingy. You either play it right or you don't. However, no matter how you play it, you're showing up to everyone that you did something last night, which is likely to either clear you or draw attention on you, so no matter what this role has an effect on the game for players to take advantage of.

Post Mortem: The loud aspect of the action didn't change the game as much as I assumed it would, so this role ended up pretty inconsequential. I think it's still a good check and balance against Law and 3p though as it nullifies a lot of their advantages.

Doomsday Prepper
1x Prime, 1x Ignite
Played by Nottykitten
One shot vigilantes have many negative connotations. Some people don't like them because they're swingy, easy to misfire, and hard to predict. So I figured I could put a few twists on one to change how it's played. One, the prime/ignite combo is used to make the vigilante delayed by one night without feeling like a lazy vigilante. Two, the careful trait ensures that you will eventually be able to kill someone or nullify a lucky trait, even if you're roleblocked at one point. Three, since the prime target can be shifted, this role becomes a vigilante that forces the player to think about how their target's perception has shifted over a day and night rotation.

Post Mortem: Notty was pretty confused over a couple interactions with being able to shift the prime target around, and admittedly I got myself confused too at one point. Next time I'll fully consider all the interactions and make it clearer to everyone. Shame Notty didn't get to set anyone on fire though.

Crimson Fanatic
No Powers
Played by Comp
This role ended up a little plain, but I wanted a bleeder in there to make a vanilla townie a little more interesting.

Post Mortem: Yeah with all the other protection roles in the game I'm pretty glad Comp was sacrificed (no offense), so this role contributed to the protection being a bit much overall.

Obsessive Organizer
Speech Compulsion [Twice during the game, make three statements about organizing or making lists during a single day to earn a 1x Trait Census power. If someone acknowledges your speech compulsion accurately, you fail for the day. If you acknowledge your speech compulsion in any way, you forfeit all future rewards.]
No Powers
Played by hipmeow
This role is all about the speech compulsion. It mirrors the Edgy Teenager by providing a similar amount of trait censuses, to be similar to the power census provided there. The speech compulsion exists to make the roles different enough to be less likely to mechanically confirm each other. Once the trait censuses were earned, the player could acknowledge their speech compulsion without fear of consequences, and could clue the town in to a couple other important roles as well as give information on the nature of compulsions in this game.

Post Mortem: This role didn't affect as much as I believed, as I thought the trait censuses would either help catch liars or identify the presence of more dangerous traits like Stealth, Insane, and Ascetic. But hipmeow still got useful information by identifying the other Speech Compulsions and the Shared Result, so I would say this role was positive!

Mad Maestro
Insane, Speech Compulsion [Make a statement about your love of music during the day to gain the Ascetic trait for the following night. If someone acknowledges your speech compulsion accurately, you fail for the day. If you acknowledge your speech compulsion in any way, you forfeit all future rewards.]
No Powers
Played by PinkUnicornz
As the second speech compulsion role, I wanted it to have a different version of a speech compulsion compared to the Organizer, but also put a twist on the standard miller role and give the player with it more to do. The idea was that until an alignment cop revealed or died, it would be better to play along with the compulsion since a 'no result' is better than a 'wrong alignment' result. From there it's up to the player to gauge when it's good to reveal the compulsion.

Post Mortem: Well maybe this role ended up feeling a bit off since it's an easy one to be mislynched, but then again so are regular millers, so it's probably okay.

Jealous Baroness
No Traits
1x Last Resort 3 Sentinel, 1x Last Resort 6 Normalize
Played by Danni122112 and lizthehedgehog
This role was designed to be anti-swingy as it gets more powerful when a certain number of cult power roles die.

Post Mortem: This role ended up being a bit of a miss, and the Sentinel was a bit much especially with the other protective roles in the game. I probably should have taken Sentinel out and just kept Normalize at 4 or so to mirror the Exotic Surgeon.

Conspiracy Theorist
2x Hide
Played by Omni and erik5456
As another variation on the standard miller role, this had the additional wrinkle of hide being stronger, since it would cause all actions against the player to fail. So if you're either thinking that you're gonna die or gonna be inspected, you can fix it.

Post Mortem: I think this role ended up in a good spot overall. It slotted along just fine and had an impact on the game toward the beginning.

Wannabe Lich
No Traits
Unstoppable Stealth Power Oracle
Played by Unusual_Dood
This is essentially a standard oracle role, with the twist of only revealing powers instead of a full role reveal, in exchange for being unstoppable and stealth.

Post Mortem: I think this role fell in the perfect spot, it has the potential to catch out mafia and especially the third parties.


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Aug 6, 2011
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Design Manifesto - Law and Third Party Roles, Mechanics

Law Roles
Valiant Warden
No Traits
Played by Infected_Alien8_
Early in development I just had this as a roleblocker, but I wanted to change it to Jail for multiple reasons. Jail would allow law to protect each other in case of some nasty third parties and the town killing roles, and it made up for having 5 people instead of 6 on a team. It's also an indirect nerf to being able to block and kill someone at the same time, unless you're using the RID Kill. The theme with law and jail was a happy accident.

Post Mortem: This role is still awesome. It didn't get a chance to truly protect anyone since Inffy died relatively early, but the claiming utility was very positive and this role helped show everyone that I wasn't sticking to every convention for this setup.

Undercover Cop
Power Inspect
Played by Matty
This role is what gives the Law so much power. It's a mashup of a typical Godfather and a Contact with role inspection. Ascetic makes it so investigations return no result, which has more utility than just an alignment flip. It does come at the cost of never being able to be found innocent or cleared, though. In addition, using a night action means the player with this role could not be roleblocked, and if mafia really needed a kill to go through they could give up the very valuable power inspect and take advantage of the Ascetic trait to make their kills unblockable. Even though this role counters a lot of town actions, since it can't be protected it was vulnerable to third parties.

Post Mortem: This role ended up exactly where I wanted it, deceiving the town for a while but also attracting a lot of attention. Maybe too many eggs were in one basket in terms of Law power, but I'm happy with how it went.

Nosy Reporter
Speech Compulsion [Once during the game, make three statements about wanting to get the full story or getting to the bottom of the mystery during the day to gain 1x Prank. If someone acknowledges your speech compulsion accurately, you fail for the day. If you acknowledge your speech compulsion in any way, you forfeit all future rewards.]
1x Prank
Prank is designed for utility purposes. The mafia player could either use it to scout PRs by seeing if they have a night action, or use it to put pressure on town members and possibly drive a mislynch against them. The speech compulsion aspect is to reward active posting for a faction that benefits from lurking, and to alert the mafia to the general style of how speech compulsions work to maybe use as ammunition against strange speaking townies.

Post Mortem: This role ended up being a little low powered, but the speech compulsion served it's purpose very well. (Dess and Inffy pulled off their interaction brilliantly, and knowledge of how it worked may have helped Mooglie find Pink's compulsion)

Secretive Witness
Shared Result
Power Census
Played by Roobarb Pie
Another Law utility role for the express purpose of identifying key threats as well as providing room for claiming. The player could use the power census to find dangerous powers such as douse, the PID Kill or watch, or they could pick powers hoping to get no result and then use them for building fakeclaims. The shared result was to give a power boost by giving all Law players the information before the day began.

Post Mortem: Overall a solid role that meshes well with the new mechanics introduced with the modular setup design.

Overweight Snitch
Shared Result
Trait Census
Played by Mooglie
Same utility style as the Secretive Witness, with it being able to identify scary traits like Lucky, Stealth, and Unstoppable...or use them to build fakeclaims.

Post Mortem: Not as powerful as the Secretive Witness, but still gave Law more tools to work with.
Third Parties
Crazed Torturer
Lucky 1
PID Kill
Kill 3 People to Win
Played by Arelic
Serial killers are notorious for having incredibly difficult win conditions. So I decided to throw in a couple twists. Firstly, you had to do your own investigating of who was suspicious and actually pay attention to the events of the day since people will be claiming powers. Better yet, you could choose to goad people into revealing if you felt like it. This role rewarded active play, and the lucky trait gives you some breathing room. The win condition is also made easier, as the player only has to get 3 correct kills in order to win and leave the game, instead of just try to survive to the end and hope you make it.

Post Mortem: I'm incredibly happy with how this role turned out. It ended up killing two Law roles which was acceptable, as it tempered the power of a very dominant game there as an anti-swing measure. The three kills were a perfect amount as it ensured law could be hurt, but not singlehandedly decimated by a serial killer. Arelic did some good damage, but from there responsibility fell on the town to pick up the slack.

Copy Machine
Unstoppable Power Copy
Obtain 4 Powers to Win
Played by HKCaper
A little bit of history here: I wanted one role to call back to one of the first original roles I ever implemented into Mafia, the Copycat. Nottykitten might remember our conversation ages ago about it as it was their idea originally, and the version that was come up for Mafia Season 7 turned out to team up with another player and share their powers. While this version doesn't team up with other people, it instead duplicates the powers of dead players while targeting them.

The style of play for this role involved targeting people with valuable abilities, and using those abilities to gain momentum. The player could also push people to claim to identify good targets and attract kills to people, and there was a little bit of a lyncher style if their target didn't die during the night. Not just anybody could be targeted since some players either didn't have powers or would run out of uses as the game went on, creating tension.

Post Mortem: This role turned out along of the lines of what I expected. It impacted the game by disrupting one of the mafiakills, and HK had a very interesting strategy toward the end to ensure his safety. 4 powers was enough, and the swing didn't impact the game as much as I believed it would since powers were only gained when somebody else left the game. It was unpredictable, but I believe this role turned out very well.

Balance Review

My conclusion based on the reflection and the game review is that there were too many town roles that could stop kills, so I'm pretty lucky that the Resentful Supervillain and the Neurotic Doctor died early.

The Law were in a good spot, however maybe could have used an additional member (Perhaps a 22 person setup?) and have the Undercover Cop's abilities split up as a result, since a lot of their power was reliant on that one role.

Town had 3 or 4 mislynches depending on the RID Kill and the Doomsday Prepper's ignite, but they gained a couple extra because of the Crazed Torturer using their PID kill to kill Law which I deemed as a probable outcome due to Law's dominant claims. For an experimental setup like this, town needed extra mislynches because of the learning curve due to the new mechanics and much different roles, so mistakes based on those mechanics were bound to happen which was ok!

The game performed very well and almost everything else went about as expected! Out of every role, I enjoyed watching people make use of the censuses as well as watching our third parties make their calculated decisions with their unique power and win conditions the most.

Design Process & Inspirations

I picked up a lot during my multiple years away, and every so often I would reflect on Mafia. I would find a piece of media that would remind me of Mafia, and start thinking about ideas just for fun. I didn't believe I would ever get a chance to host again, so the ideas mostly sat dormant. Then I came back and initially didn't want to get involved, but I found myself drawn to Mafia again and I couldn't resist putting ideas together from a variety of sources.

The biggest idea was splitting up role components into the Traits and Powers system. The idea goes all the way back to the very fun Xylbot, a Mafia IRC bot for playing quick games (Known as GmKBot here when GmK set it up on EscapeRestart's IRC channels for a while). The bot had a couple hundred roles, to the point where some would be very similar to each other with only one differentiating characteristic. I figured that if the hundreds of roles concept was taken to it's logical conclusion, then I could make something unique.

All the real planning for this game began a little after I came back.

I had to decide on a closed or open setup to start. Open setups are tighter in mechanics and give everyone an idea on what to expect, but Closed setups have a mysterious element to them and open the door for a lot of contemplation and mystery solving.

So I took the previous trait and power idea and made a hybrid setup, giving everyone a catalogue of all possible traits and powers to show up. It was wordy, but it gave everyone an idea of what to expect and served as an advance warning for completely new to EscapeRestart concepts like RID kills.

I decided on the Cult theme relatively early on, as I was building some of the role. The theme served to flip the previous Mafia alignments. By telling players they would be in an evil organization, this provided another clue that the roles wouldn't be done in straightforward ways.

Jivvi came up with role guessing first, but then I found the Mafia Maniac website which elaborated on RID kills. I expanded on that idea by adding PID and TID kills into the samples of powers, and alerted the players that an RID kill was 100% confirmed in the game to give them another warning that the game may play with their expectations.

From there it was building up each role, some ended up close to standard Mafia roles and others were new. The census idea came in the middle of planning as a way to get a better idea of the final setup. Other than that I've already gone into enough detail on each individual role, so let's move on to Awards!


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Aug 6, 2011
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Awards and Final Words

Unwavering Tenacity
Achieved by Nottykitten and Infected_alien8_
For fighting as hard as they could during Day 1 and not letting up on each other, both genuinely battling each other for their respective faction
“26/31 games also known as 83% have a vigilante in the form of a town-kill (most actual vigilantes and a few hunters). Tell me again how it is likely this game doesn't have one either?” - Nottykitten
“also I'm gonna say there's like no way notty is town at this point” -Infected_Alien8_

All or Nothing
Achieved by HKCaper and Mooglie
For HKCaper admitting he's third party right before a deadline in hopes Law won't target him, and Mooglie outing himself as Law the following day to lead the no sacrifice vote. Both of them separately came up with the same idea to team up.
“ok i might be third party” - HKCaper
“as a gracious mafia & third party alliance (after that evil, traitorous third party CLAIRE killed 2 mafia) we will grant all third parties access to their wins as long as they swear allegiance” -Mooglie

What's a Speech Compulsion?
Achieved by hipmeow
For completely denying the existence of his speech compulsion even when he no longer needed to hide it, and completing his compulsion flawlessly
“i see alot of talk about speech compulsion but im pretty sure theres a chance it might not even been in the game”

Ignored Because of the Memes
Achieved by Aqua
For correctly reading Infected_Alien8_ and Matty early on but not enough people bothered to actually listen to him
“Inf's desperately trying to get "vibes XD" off of people so he can push a lynch.“

Running Out the Clock
Achieved by Roobarb Pie
For being the reason most of the nights went longer than 24 hours
“At work currently. Will respond when home this evening“

Master of One Liners
Achieved by Omni
For having the most hilarious comebacks and slights out of anyone I've ever seen
“aqua should claim his so called important role bc let's be honest in the hands of him it wasn't going to be important anyway so come on out”

I'm On Your Side Just Let Me Set This Guy On Fire!
Achieved by Nottykitten
For being cult aligned but making amazingly casual remarks about murdering Omni and keeping him hostage
“there is 0 risk in leaving me alive for atleast a single night and a whole lot to gain in the form of Omni's death”

I'm Not Panicking and I Don't Care!
Achieved by Infected_alien8_
For promising at the start of the game to be more reserved but slipping into old habits with his pentaposts+ and giving very nonchalant answers when questioned, but amazingly managing to not get sacrificed regardless
“yeah I'm not gonna listen I mean your whole argument assumes your idea of what the setup is like is correct, which is the reason I assumed aqua was scum, so if we go with your tactic of trying to not make me repeat my mistakes then letting you live is a mistake”

I Have No Results??
Achieved by TheWeakGuy48_
For not getting a single Track result with a visit and not having any way to tell if his results were accurate for the entire game
“tracked hip N1 no result tracked roob N2 no result great work guys!”

What a Bus!
Achieved by Mooglie
For keeping his vote on his teammate Infected_Alien8_ most of Day 1, and not deviating when the deadline was moments away
“notty is still 99% 3p but an inf lynch is better since its 100% mafia”

Clutch Claim
Achieved by Matty
For outing himself to 'clear' Infected_Alien8 by claiming his Power Inspect, probably saving Inffy from being lynched and completely winning over the town's trust for himself
“I see lots of votes against inf, so I guess i'll share this: I inspected inf last night and his power is "Jail" (my power is power inspection!)”

Savvy PID Vibes (tm)
Achieved by HKCaper
For being the first to mention the possibility of a PID killer without having any real evidence except his vibes (tm)
“ah claims. may i remind that there are possibly PID kills out there.”

Everybody Is Making Me Very Mad
Achieved by Comp
For giving out record numbers of dislikes, even from beyond the grave! (Wags finger disapprovingly)
“I'm always pretty inactive on day 0 just because there's usually so much rubbish that goes on with endless posts with literally nothing useful in them”

I Fought the Law and I Won
Achieved by Arelic
For singlehandedly being the only person to contribute to killing Law during the course of the entire game, without actually having a specific motivation to target Law
inffy was pushing for a weak lynch as mafia how did you all come to this conclusion while i was away if he flips town you're all v susp“”

I Am Exploring The Wilderness On My Great Canoe
Achieved by Danni122112
For vanishing many times during the game on his canoe trip and making everybody wonder if he was actually still alive
“I was away and drunk for the weekend, will read up today.”

My Last Statements

I just have to say that this ended up as my favorite game of Mafia I have ever hosted. I want to give a huge thank you to everybody who signed up as well as those that replaced people in the middle of the game. I may have created the scenario, but you guys took it and ran with it as much as you could, and several times blew me away with how you directed the game.

I'll give a shoutout to my co-host Jivvi for helping me a lot with reviewing mechanical information, providing very good setup creation concepts like the role guessing, and providing moderation help whenever I needed to ask him questions.

Our local friendly Mafia mod Arelic was awesome, and she was great with deleting posts after deadlines and locking the thread at multiple points whenever I was away. You're amazing and make a fine serial killer!

Last shoutout goes to JKangaroo for dedicating time to do a last minute pass of the setup balance literally while signups were going on, thank you for doing that on short notice!

There are a few easter eggs sprinkled throughout this game referencing the very beginning of Mafia here, and I'm so happy to have had this chance to host another big game with all my friends.

Here's to six and a half years of Mafia at EscapeRestart, and to a lot of good memories.


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Oct 4, 2011
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Also, law, were you planning on killing me before i said i might be 3p?
I will say that I thought about betraying you and instead killing you and using rid on Liz. But the kill on Liz was a shot in the dark because we didn't know if she actually claimed her name or not


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Oct 21, 2014
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I will say that I thought about betraying you and instead killing you and using rid on Liz. But the kill on Liz was a shot in the dark because we didn't know if she actually claimed her name or not
ye realized that after reading deadchat. Glad you didnt doe <3.


Sep 13, 2015
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Good game, I really enjoyed the first days. I think we possibly could have done much better if the investigative roles survived some longer (or if I was an investigative role since I managed to visit antitown 4/6 times). I also felt like it was very hard to lynch antitown with so many not placing their votes. On some days there were more antitown than town voting.


Aug 6, 2011
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Wonderful game! <3

I'm sorry I couldn't stick around to the end, due to life getting problematic at the time rather unpredictably... But, the experience I had was very much worth it!

I'm a bit sad my power didn't go to any use at all, but it helped Fog to stay alive for so long, soooo... I'm glad it worked the way it did. xD
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