The Bloodcraft


Sep 27, 2011
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Greetings reader and fellow player.

This thread is your basic information source about me and my beloved guild, The Bloodcraft.

The Bloodcraft is under dual leadership. It's rightful rulers, and founders, are Tarno and NamelessHero.

Our current citadel and main base is called Havstår (name yet to be decided) which is quite easy to enter, but near impossible to raid.

For all of you, who wish to raid us, please come and fight us at:
Base coords: X-650 Z+1300 Big cobble fortress in dessert.
The Bloodcraft is currently focusing on trading and raiding. Our ways of traiding makes sure, that you get your goods, safely. Raiding is the thing that makes our name; our craft is blood: killing, traiding and stealing. We kill everyone on sight if they match our rules (read below).

We have few rules, when it comes to raiding:

1. Do not kill unnecessary people. Unarmed or -armored. Basicly you are safe from us if you match that describtion:
2. Do not kill people you are currently having a trade with. So trading with us is safe.
3. We do not continuously raid the same target. We are not stupid; the game must be kept fun for everyone, although this is PvP.
4. We (Me and Nameless) love to be raided, we love challenge. So get out there and discover our base location! We love a good fight.
5. We do not raid small places with few people. For example; mr. A lives in Silvervale, he is the only member of that city online so we dont bother to raid. Good fights are everything!
6. Duels will be accepted, always!

When it comes to joining us or making alliances, you have to ask NamelessHero about it.

Citizens and ranks:

Tarno - King/Commander
NamelessHero - King/Economy responsible
Kurkoin - Blood Knight
Blkshroud - Blood Knight
Annie - Citizen/Master Miner/Punchwoman
Goku - Trialist (?)


King - Ruler
Commander - Leading Warrior
Economy Responsible - Architech, Trader, Farmer
Blood Knight - Part of the High ranked inner circle of warriors.
Warrior - Normal Fighter/Raider
Punchwoman - Annie
Trialist - A citizen who has nearly no access around the kingdom, yet to be decided in joining to The Bloodcraft.

Note: Ranks have nearly no power over eachother. King has most power, trialist has none, rest have equal power. It's all just a small glimpse of roleplaying. ;)

This thread will be updated heavily once I get home.

Thank you for reading. Consider us not-dicks. We just love to PvP.


The Drunk
Nov 21, 2011
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Base coords: X-650 Z+1300 Big cobble fortress in dessert.
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