Tails506's Moderator Application

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Sep 19, 2012
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In-game username: Tails506
References (Mod+): Eggnog, SparklyMuffinz, The_Derp
Time zone: PST (GMT -8 [GMT -7 during Daylight Savings Time])
Previous staffing experience: Classic Lava Operator, AoD Trusted, TTT Operator (for the first TTT server)
How much time can you commit to the server each week?: Absolute minimum of 5 hours. On average, most likely 10-20 hours.
In your own words, what are the responsibilities of a Moderator on this server?: The responsibilities of a Moderator include ensuring that the server maintains a fun, safe enviroment (through moderating chat and being sociable), helping players (answering questions, checking grief/legality of builds), and helping to improve the server overall (setting up server activities and builds, perhaps planning/hosting events?).
How would you handle a situation where a staff member is abusing his or her powers?: I would first inform the staff member abusing power that they are abusing their power, and would ask them to stop. If abuse should continue, I would report the abuse to a staff member of a higher power. If it is a staff member of a high power abusing, however, I would report the abuse to the rest of the staff as a whole.
What do you believe your greatest strengths and weaknesses are, how will you strive improve your weaknesses?: My greatest strengths would most likely include being able to remain calm and respectful in stressful, professional situations, as well as not being biased when handling situations. One of my biggest weaknesses has always been shyness/an extreme lack of social skills (yes, even if I am not actually speaking), however I do feel I have been able to be more sociable on this server than I have on other servers. Still, I feel like this is an issue for me. I am getting advice from people on how to be more sociable (both irl and from members of the community) and trying my best to follow that advice, as well as attempting to push myself to branch out more.
Please take some time to tell us about yourself (What are you favorite movies, hobbies, books etc.)?: Hiya, most of you know me as Tails, I guess. I don't think there is a whole lot to tell... I enjoy drawing, hiking, gaming, and reading; for the most part, that's what takes up almost all of my free time. As for favorite books, there are far too many good books I've read for me to pick a favorite. Some of what I've recently read I've enjoyed quite a bit, though (A ton of Michael Crichton novels including Timeline, Sphere, and Prey, and three out of four books of the "Inheritance" series by Christopher Paolini). For games, I've mostly been sticking to Minecraft and Garry's Mod as of lately.
Additional notes: If accepted, I would like to keep my title of Sandwich. I would like to thank all of those who referenced me, and those who encouraged me to apply in the first place. I am very appreciative of all of you!


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Aug 7, 2011
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Strong +1 coming from me.

Tails506 is mature, active, and certainly helpful on our server. He is a joy to have on the server, and I've personally never have had a problem with him, or known anyone who has. Judging by his responses on this application, he will fit right into our staffing team and learn the ins and outs of becoming a moderator for Kami's Realm. All that extra staffing experience reaffirms my standpoint that he will be a core aspect.

Once again, +1.


Mar 24, 2012
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Well to be perfectly honest I haven't been on this past week at all and have been away! But before that there was nothing that would of made me believe you weren't capable of this rank and everything that made me think you are. +1.

Good luck tails!
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