[Suggestion] Backpacks, CTF/KOTH/Chests


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Feb 19, 2012
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Extra storage for players that could probably be bought instead of given. Maybe 100 emeralds or more just to get a backpack. I don't know how the shopkeeper plugin and a backpack plugin would work together but it's just a thought.

The idea of CTF has been in my mind ever since we were required to have banners on our monument. This idea would let rival clans take the opposing clan's banner just for fun at first... but maybe there could be a chest with special loot that replenishes every 24 hours when they get the banner. Then infernofox mentioned KOTH in this thread and I decided to look up plugins related to KOTH and found this one: http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/automated-koth-plugin-efficient-and-customizable.6832/
It's a pretty new plugin, though I guess there could be similar plugins like it but I just haven't looked it up.

I think having a CTF style game whilst using that KOTH plugin would be interesting and fun. So the idea would be for each clan to have their own Hill that would be similar to each other save for a special design or block that would let it be known that it belongs to a specific clan. Accessing the Hill should be somewhat easy, like a direct route to it instead of having to go through a clan's lock and all that mess. Then once the player CTF's the banner they'll get the loot key for the chest that spawns either nearby the hill or back at their own respective clan vault.


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Dec 25, 2011
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When you talked about the CTF idea/plugin involving the monuments while we were on the server, it also reminded me of what Pokemon did somewhat, I don't really member exactly what they did outside of having flags) in which secret bases held a flag, in both Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, and I also believe exists in some form in Omega R/Alpha S, and other players could steal the flag and bring it back to their base.

The more flags you got/stole/found, the more stuff you could unlock over time. (like iirc in Gen 4 you could get more space to build in your base, or get special items or something).
So if something like this were to be implemented, instead of just getting a one-off reward, it could also act like a progression system to unlock special things for the clan as a whole.

I'm not exactly sure what could be involved in that progression system, but its just an idea I thought of when I heard you mention this/reading inferno's post.
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