Blocktopia - Declined Staff Application for Blocktopia

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Jul 15, 2019
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What is your in-game name? GodIsDed

What timezone do you live in? U.S. Eastern Standard Time

How many hours have you played on the server for? I'm sure I've played for more than 24 hours, had this server in my list for months.

How many hours can you spend helping out the server per week? I am a bit busy sometimes but I can be on the server for a while during the day or night.

What prior staffing experience do you have?

What do you think the role entails? Helping people improve their builds when they are aiming for builder rank, giving info to players that are new to the server and helping them get started, and also helping in the role play.

Why do you want to be a staff member? I'm sure I can be helpful to new people that join the server, and I can judge builds to help people improve their building skills and earn their desired rank. I also have a discord account and I can chat with people who need more info.

What qualities can you bring to the current staff team, that set you apart from other applicants? I'm a bit buy sometimes but I'm more available than other moderators. I have discord on my mobile device which allows me to communicate with players while I'm off, and I'm online more often.

How would you approach a problem that you are unfamiliar with? Ask another staff about it, if they don't know, research the problem from a reliable source, if no solution is found, try what you can to find a solution yourself.

Is there anything else we should know or you want to tell us? I've reached builder rank a while ago

Got any builds you'd like to show off? The hotel build that brought me up to builder rank but it has already been seen by a staff member

Please list your references:
I haven't been referenced due to mods not being online for long, but I'm sure I would be if a mod had seen me helping build for other cities.


aka Jenben101
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Jun 14, 2014
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I haven’t really seen you online as much but that could be down to timezones however (correct me if I’m wrong) I believe you are a new-ish player to the server as I don’t recognise your username, I don’t have a solid opinion of you so I’m going to leave a 0



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Jul 14, 2016
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I've seen you around. You're a good user, and you were fairly dedicated on your builder application. Your ability to carefully follow advice is certainly a plus. However, I feel like you currently lack the skill and community background to become a staff member. Consider hanging around for longer, and get to know our regular users better.

Also, get to know the staff members. A good indication that your application has come too quickly is your lack of staff references. Staff cannot reference you if they don't even know you very well, so you'll have to spend some time yet getting to know them first.


Work on becoming a regular, and get comfortable with the community. Apply again later on.


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Jul 2, 2014
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Thank you for your Application, GodIsDed. I believe that everything needing to be mentioned has been said by the other staff members.

Please do not feel discouraged by this rejected application, as we believe you have potential to make a great member of the team; although at this moment many of our staff are unable to form an strong enough opinion about you or your application to be able to decide. Many of our current staff were rejected several times before they were eventually accepted; myself included. My advice would be to spend more time on the server, meeting new people and to enjoy your time rather than focusing on becoming staff. The longer you spend online, the more you will learn how the server operates and how our features work; enabling you to be even more helpful to other players than you already have - allowing for you to become recognised by our current staff members.

The experience and references you need will come. If you need any more information regarding any future applications or advice, my Discord is Swift#4972.
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