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Jan 13, 2013
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Hello everyone!

I'd first like to start off with saying I do apologize for the lack of communication of the forums recently. I was getting adjusted to a lot of new things in life (college, moving in with my gf, work). I popped by on the discord every once in a while to give a few updates but completely forgot to make a few quick posts on the forums and that is completely my fault and I do apologize for that. I hope everyone understands :)

Now, I wouldn't make a post like this without bringing in some other news!

First off, There is going to be a FTB Infinity Evolved Event going live on Thursday, November 14th @ 2 PM EST! It will be a very basic server, so just make sure to follow our community guidelines and the rules posted in spawn. I will make a bigger post soon with details about the server, how to obtain the modpack, and more. Hope to see everyone there.

Second, the Temporary SMP I launched a while ago was pretty popular among the community. I seen a ton of people enjoy it and I'm really happy that something i started as an event turned into a server people could enjoy over a decent time period. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, so I am closing the server on Friday, November 15th @ 2 PM EST. I will make sure to backup the entire world and provide a download shortly after the closure, so do not worry about that!The server will be open until that date, so if you want to play a little bit more - now is the time to hop on!

With that news though, I will admit I have something brewing behind the scenes to give players that survival itch, and lets just say it will be a bit more permanent than the Temp SMP. I won't get too much into the details yet, but I am sure if you are saddened by the closure of the Temp SMP, you will love whats coming. If you are at all interested in helping out with the development of this secret server, feel free to hit me up on discord, or through the forums.

Anyways, I'm gonna close this off by apologizing once again - and assuring you all that i will be actively maintaining the forums once again and posting the news - updates, and hopefully pushing out some more content. Thanks for reading everyone, and have a wonderful day!