SMP's Missing Features and Current Issues


The Drunk
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SMP Staff
Nov 21, 2011
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Due to time constraint getting the SMP out in the holidays, and some unfortunate events, these are the current issues you will notice on SMP when you log in.​

• Item frames broke, all of them. We have backups, should be fixed within a few days

• Economy not completely in place, feel free to use the traders you find, will be fixed the next hours.

• Lack of NPCS and Quests in general are still being added.

• Biomes in snow terrains will be fixed the next weeks, its a pain to do.

A lot more transportation options will be added the next few days

Player made settlements, and with them the nether will be added the next days.

There will be more content available on release than in any SMP ever released before in this community, so you should still have more to do. Everything that is added on the server, should work, if it does not, please notify us.

The SMP team has done some amazing work, its unfortunate that we do not have all the features available at, but it should still be a great experience for all of you!

Bitching about stuff that is not finished will get you muted, constructive criticism and notifying us of issues with the server is as always welcome though!