SimpleSMP Content Update #7 - New Years, New Fixes & Features! New Enchantments, Mobs, & More!


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Jan 13, 2013
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SimpleSMP's Seventh content update: New Enchantments, Bug-Fix City, New Mobs, & More!

Release Date: NOW!! (Unexpected Surprise Update ;))


There isn't many changes for 1.16.4, but I will list the important things here.

+ Players can now block players by pressing "P" and using the menu
+ Bug-Fixes

Custom Enchants
+ New Advancements to help players understand Custom Enchantments

New Enchants
+ Gaia (Axes): Slowly breaks connected logs and leaves in a certain area
+ Green Thumb (Hoes): Grow crops faster
+ Pacified (Melee): Decreases damage against your own tamed mobs
+ Streak (Melee): Killing a certain mob type will increase damage against that particular mob

Updated Enchants
+ Blindess now conflicts with Traunt
+ Curse of Instability now has a 1/50 chance of removing durability every tick
+ Depth++ now conflicts with Gaia
+ Frosty now shoots snowballs on left click
+ Joggers now conflicts with Plyometrics
+ Life Drain now halves damage of attack but gives 50% of damage to player
+ Venom now conflicts with Withering
+ Water Breathing conflicts with Aqua Affinity
+ Zeal now shoots fireballs on left click

Players can now find a StatTrak item that can be applied to their weapon of choice that will track kills for mobs and players.

Discord Relay Improvements
+ Users in MC can now show maps in discord chat
+ Custom Enchants have better support
+ Discord Images can be previewed in MC from maps

+ Rarity known as "Records" has been renamed "Mythic"
+ Players can obtain enchanted books from fishing again
+ Players can fish up Netherite Gear / Scrap
+ Players can fish up Nautilus Shells
+ Mythic Rarity items allow enchantments to be applies
+ Players who reach milestones will now have it broadcasted in chat.

+ Fixed Memory Leaks / Performance Issues
+ Fixed some text from McMMO not being sent / being received as a blank message
+ Music Discs will be more common in fishing
+ Optimizations in chunk loading
+ Fixed a bug where arrows shot by infinite bow enchantments would duplicate
+ Fixed a bug where Archery XP was calculated incorrectly

+ Added a counter in the /fish menu that will tell you how many fish are required until your next present
+ Added a free snowglobe augment if you are level 80 or higher. Just catch a present and you will get one.
+ Added patreon fish
+ New Delivery upgrade
+ New Snowball Augment
+ Reduced level requirement for Experienced Fisherman from 30 to 20
+ Increased the Passive Slots required for Mythical Waters from 3 to 5
+ Increased the Passive Slots required for Entropy Horder from 2 to 6 and it now requires level 60
+ Reduced level requirement for Mythical Waters from 90 to 60
+ Reduced level requirement for Fish School from 50 to 40
+ Buffed Mythical and Platinum lures
+ The totem in the main menu will now show you how to build the multiblock structure
+ New totem passives
+ Added Entropy Boosters
+ Too many bugfixes to list

+ Elite Bees (yes... you read that right)
+ Elite Piglin Brutes
+ 100, 500, and 1000 coin drops
+ Weapon / Item stats now live-update as they chance
+ Items / Stats have a new display
+ Players can summon a travelling merchant by using the Summon Merchant Scroll, by either right clicking or saying "Jeeves!"
+ Travelling Merchant NPC
+ New teleports in /em menu
+ New Hermes NPC that teleports players back from Adventurers Guild

New Dungeons / Lairs
+ Mini Cathederal: Full of Cultists and hellish loot. You can find this dungeon by doing /warp cathederal
+ Halloseum: A spooky and dark lair with a terrifying boss awaits you here. You can find this area by doing /warp Halloseum

+ Selling items had a massive overhaul
+ All elites are removed on chunk unload, fixing various issues
+ Elite Items are now handled correctly by Anvils
+ Fixed coin-related lag
+ Major performance boosts
+ Bosses will no longer channel multiple powers at once
+ Elite items enchanted by player now display correctly


Jan 15, 2012
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Cool I have not been on Since Late spring when my job picked up heavy. Been getting back into mine craft Ill have to pop back on and pick back up where I left off.
ill pop in this weekend Hope to see familiar faces :).
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