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aka Jenben101
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Jun 14, 2014
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What is your in-game name? sessybessy

What timezone do you live in? UTC/GMT

How many hours have you played on the server for? Currently it says 1 day but that's because my on-time got wiped very recently, previously I had something like 10-15 days thought I'm not sure about the exact on-time. On old Buildbox back in 2012 (not sure if that counts but oh well) I had something like 60+ days.

How many hours can you spend helping out the server per week? Maybe 1-2 hours on weekdays and 4+ hours on weekends but it honestly depends on what I'm doing in that week.

What prior staffing experience do you have? None :c Unless you count the one time a staff member (not gonna snitch who) accidentally promoted me to controller for like 2 minutes...that was fun.

What do you think the role entails? Being able to bring life to the server in a unique way and help others experience the server with ease and also with fun. I also believe a moderator should have no biases towards anyone and should always treat situations with a clear mind even if it involves some of their closest friends. A moderator should also have some knowledge of building (especially on Create) so they can help others achieve their goals and also to be able to mentor to those who want to try their hand at building in Minecraft. Overall a Moderator should be a lighthearted, friendly and approachable person but they must also be able to 'put their foot down' when situations get out of hand and not be afraid to enforce the rules when the time is needed.

Why do you want to be a staff member? I really want to help ER become a great place, I'm very passionate about create/buildbox because it was the first ever server I played on when I joined EscapeRestart (Blocktopia when I joined). I don't want to see such a great server die out because I have so many great memories and nostalgia from this server.

What qualities can you bring to the current staff team, that set you apart from other applicants? I've been playing for a very long time so I honestly just want to help Create/ER become a good community again. My passion for building and helping others is another thing I think could bring something new to the staff team.

How would you approach a problem that you are unfamiliar with? It depends on what problem it is. If there is a command issue I'd be sure to try and look it up or ask another moderator online for help. If it is a problem involving two or more players I'd try to calm the situation down and assess what is really going on, if I couldn't help I'd go to another staff member to try and assist me before things escalate.

Is there anything else we should know or you want to tell us? I've been wanting to apply for moderator since around 2015/16 but I never found the time, plus back then my schedule was very hectic and I just believed that I wouldn't be able to spend half as much time staffing as I would want to. Another reason why was because back then I was having issues with certain players online and I didn't believe I was mature enough to take on the role. Nowadays my schedule has eased up quite a lot and I think I've become more mature and I'm now able to handle situations without starting a full-blown argument.

Got any builds you'd like to show off? /warp southenstein I can't remember what the warp is now sadly. It's been in construction since around 2015-2016 and is one of my largest projects yet. Although I definitely haven't built the entire thing myself (Thanks to Jack, Beta, Sui, Bhy, Swift, and anyone else who helped construct too). Some of my plots have builds on them but they're mainly just tests.

Please list your references: PinkUnicornz and Jackamel. (Swift, Vat and Bhy also told me to put them on the ref list but I don't think they count :p)

I'm so scared rn :c
also I edited a spelling mistake :)


May 19, 2013
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Alright here I am,

The reason because I replied late is because I wanted to spend some more online time with you, or see you more online since your application.
But that didn't really happen. But I know you from the past few years, and you mentioned in PM that you couldn't be online much last week due personal reasons, which is fine. After a while thinking about it I decided to ref you so..

+1 for trial


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Jul 2, 2014
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I don't count as a reference, eh? -10

I've known Jenben101 since I first joined Buildbox, which was a long, long time ago. I've seen you mature over the years, improve your building technique, become more friendly, polite and helpful towards other players over this time to a point where I feel very confident that you will be an excellent addition to the team.

As stated already, ontime is a concern - real life and University gets in the way. But you're still dedicated. I trust you'll make it work: