RoF Prestige Update


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Jun 3, 2012
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This is it.

With change sweeping through the community, it's time we showed the community what RoF was made of once more. This is the biggest update to the server in a very long time, and that's not just because the last one was ages ago. We, the RoF staff team, are all very excited to bring everything we've been developing to the community. If you have any questions about the update, please ask, and we hope you all enjoy.

• A new lobby
I personally think this is spectacular. Robo has led a project to create a new lobby for the server. A new lobby is something that has been queried about for a long time now, and it is finally here, in a very grand fashion. Bigger and better, this should give off a big impression to anyone playing for the first time.

• Other
We've also received a brand new colour scheme, as a nice new lick of paint the server fairly desperately needed. This should add a hint of refinement to the whole server experience. The ability for KotL to have kits has also been built-in, so we'll be looking into that. Oh yeah, there’s also vaults for everyone too.

• When will this release?
As with the reset update, this will not have a release time, rather than just a going down time. This 'soft launch' will allow us to ensure a timely and hopefully fairly bug-free experience when we release. We’ll have a bit of a party before going down on Saturday 3rd March at 9pm GMT. We might even blow up the old lobby! Once everything is finished being added to the main server, we will then announce our release on Discord and forums.

(Thanks to Arelic for all the nice graphics and formatting.)