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Jun 3, 2012
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RoF Lavaversary & LMS 2018

We’re rapidly approaching October, which means that once again, RoF celebrates its lavaversary. We have now been operating continuously for 6 years, and that is down to your support and passion for the community. Whilst we have suffered some large staffing setbacks over the past year, we still want to try and deliver to you a memorable event to celebrate the server, and thank you for staying with us for so long. Now, though, let’s celebrate!

05/10/18 - Last Man Standing

On the day of the Lavaversary itself this year, we bring you our annual Last Man Standing event. Fight waves of custom mobs in our new arena, as people around you drop dead, until you are the last one left. As usual, there is a level playing field, so no matter your ontime or experience, everyone has the same equipment, and so everyone has a chance of equipment. This year, the event will take place on Friday 5th October at 9pm UTC (5pm ET, 2pm PT), with no registration required, so mark your calendars! Robo will be hosting the event, as I will be unable to attend, but I will most likely still be around on Discord to help.

1st place:
2000 cookies
50 tokens
Custom title, login/logout message and nickname of your choosing
Custom unbreakable diamond item
Place in the RoF Hall of Fame

2nd place:
1250 cookies
25 tokens
Custom title and login/logout message of your choosing
Custom unbreakable iron item

3rd place:
750 cookies
10 tokens
Custom title of your choosing
Custom unbreakable gold item

Event time and prizes are subject to change

New features

Last Man Standing fell on the Lavaversary date this year, but we felt it would be wrong to just give you that. Therefore, we are releasing new features to the server that we’ve been wanting to give you for a while.

KotL Kits
An extremely commonly requested feature, kits are being introduced to King of the Ladder. What do you think you can do with a fishing rod? Perhaps a knockback II stick? Perhaps a fight in armour with swords? With kits, the possibilities will be endless, and it will shake up how KotL is played massively.

Joining KotL as our second end-round minigame will be the classic game of Spleef! Knock out the blocks below your opponents to drop them into the lava, and be the last one standing. There will be a time limit on Spleef (so you’ll wait no longer than now before you get to your next round), but if your talents don’t lie in KotL, you might like this a lot.

Coming Soon: Quests
We would have loved to have announced quests as a third feature for Lavaversary weekend, but technical difficulties combined with a lack of time have forced this feature to be delayed. However, daily quests will arrive very soon, where you will be able to complete tasks such as mining, fishing, surviving rounds and winning minigames to earn more currency, and potentially other prizes such as mystery cosmetic boxes.

One last thing...

Throughout the week leading up to the Lavaversary, there will be increased tokens and cookies available for winning rounds. This will vary on different days though, so make sure you join in order to receive this bonus currency!

On behalf of the RoF team, we thank everyone for their support over the past six years, because as I mentioned in the introduction, none of this happens without people donating, staffing, playing, attending events. We’re here because of the community - the people - so we want to recognise your support. On a personal note, this is my last Lavaversary before I resign, so I’d like to thank everyone who’s helped with or played on RoF during my tenure here - the people are the reason it has been worth it.

Thank you, and see you at the Lavaversary!
- The RoF Team