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    Staff Update
    Hello people, this is the long overdue update on current SMP affairs. I want to write a short apology for the extreme inactivity that the staff team has shown for the past month or two. Many of our team have been extremely busy and burnt out, myself included. Some changes in staff have occurred and I’m going to get the gears turning again as of today. I’m going to start off with a quick staff roster update.

    • Jolterino
    • Cheatyface

    • KNBrisson

    • Comp
    • Nottycat
    • Okx
    • SirC

    • HKCaper
    • Zel
    • Sam_Winchester
    • Arelic
    • Vrgin
    • Hockeyfan

    Upcoming Content
    • Arcanist and Dragoon are being worked on again, along with a few of the promising concepts from the class competition. Another thing that will be worked on is the party plugin.

    • Dungeon mobs and bosses are being implemented and will be ready for release once they’ve been tested. Over the past few weeks, the dungeon plugin has been getting fixed.

    Land Claiming
    • Comp and I will be focusing on this and hope to get this out soon so we can release Outposts afterwards.

    • There will be a new Epic tier released as long as some Legendary (changes class abilities) items in the near future.

    • A PvP tournament is being organised.
    • Once dungeons released, we will potentially be doing a speedrun competition for some dungeons with some nice rewards.

    • I’m not gonna give a release date but my gut says you can expect it to take around a month to get everything ready.
    • Hex is hosting a Minecraft event server soon so that’s something that people can do while they wait for the update to launch.
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    Hopefully SMP now blossoms.

    I wonder what happened to Danni122112

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