Minecraft Snapshot Thread!


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There are some news concerning Minecraft (wiki summary) 1.11 on MC forums:
While no set date for the upcoming version (1.11) has been set, a new snapshot is expected to go live this Wednesday, September 28th! In addition to the majestic llama, quite a bit of content is planned for the upcoming update, though it is not expected to have the same sheer volume of features as 1.10. The primary focus will be on Survival mode.

A few features of the new update have already shown themselves in snapshots over the last month, but a great deal of secrecy surrounded 1.11 until today, with a rather substantial amount of information being shown, or spoken about, at Minecon. The list is pretty big - read on!


  • Has 'fang attack'
    • Summons a stream of fangs coming out of the floor, damaging mobs.
  • Has own sounds.
  • Spawns "vexes" described below.
  • Spawn in Woodland Mansions.
  • Drops Totem of Undying
  • Has an iron axe in one of their hands
  • Hostile towards player.
  • Has own sounds.
  • Spawn in Woodland Mansions.
  • Small, flying mobs.
  • Hostile towards the player.
  • Can fly through walls (noclip)
  • Has own sounds.
  • Spawn in Woodland Mansions.
  • Spawn naturally.
  • Passive Mob.
  • Spit their llama goo on wolves.
  • Can be ridden.
    • Instead of a saddle can be equipped a carpet of any color
  • Like donkeys can be equipped a chest
    • Has 6 slots
  • Has own sounds.
  • When a lead is put on, surrounding llamas in a small radius will be attracted and try form a caravan behind the leaded llama.
  • Have multiple tinted skins.
Librarian villager
  • New career, Cartographer.
    • Sells maps, compasses, and Ocean and Woodland treasure maps.

Observer block
  • Ported from Windows 10 Edition/Pocket Edition versions
    • May behave have slight behavior differences due to different redstone systems in Java edition compared to Pocket Edition
Shulker Box
  • Crafted using a chest in the middle with 2 Shulker Shells, one above and one on the bottom of it.
  • Can be placed down and has 27 slots.
  • When destroyed, does not drop contents, but stores them in the block item, just like backpacks.
  • Can not be placed in each other.
  • Can be used with hoppers, droppers and dispensers, just like any other item.
    • A dispenser will place the shulker box on the ground
  • Break into item form when pushed with a piston.
  • When opened, the top will spin up, similar to a Shulker opening.
  • Will show it's contents when hovered over in the inventory
    • Will show up to 5 slots

Shulker Shells
Totem of Undying
  • Dropped by Evokers
  • Will save your life when you receive a killing blow, while holding it in either hand.
    • Gives regeneration and absorption for a couple of seconds.
    • Shows a 'particle' just like the curse from an elder guardian.
      • Golden ankh like animation whenever the item is consumed.
Treasure Maps
  • Just like a map, except will show terrain outlines and a specific structure with treasure.
    • Only Ocean and Woodland maps are confirmed
      • Ocean maps have a blue tint on the item
      • Woodland maps have a brown tint on the item
    • When exploring, it will fill in the outlines.
    • Can be bought from cartographers.
    • The locator dot on the map will be smaller the farther away you are

Return Portals
  • Look like end gateways, but teleport you to the main island's spawn platform, instead of outwards to the outer islands.
  • Generate randomly throughout the end

Woodland Mansion
  • Generates naturally in forests.
  • Spawns 3 new mobs.
  • Can be found with a Woodland Exploration Map.
  • Consists mostly out of wood.
Curse Enchantments
  • Basically Enchantments, but instead of a positive effect, carry a negative effect.
  • Curse of Vanishing
    • Items with this Curse will vanish upon death, instead of drop, regardless of the gamerule keepInventory.
  • Curse of Binding
    • Items with this Curse will stay on your player until they break, they cannot be removed manually.
    • Death will make you drop this item.
Locate Command
  • syntax: /locate <StructureType> [x y z OR selector]
    • Locates the nearest structure, like EndCity or NetherFortress.
    • It will start the search at what the "x y z" or selector was set to
      • When finding structures similar to "temple" structures, it cannot differentiate between types. So you may get a desert or a jungle temple, for example
    • Pushes coordinates in chat for the executor of the command.
      • Will display "y" coordinates as (y?) for some structures
How it will impact AoD, RoF and LoP, ComputerGuy_, SirComputer and Ogarci?


why we can't have nice things
Well in their defense it's still a testing snapshot or soon-to-be, they'll probably put something in that stops the enchanted ones from being shift-clicked into a furnace.

Hunger's less of a factor at least, outside of healing


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This is how do you caravan:
You need saddled horses and few llamas (they can keep up with horses).
Leashed llama will be leader and other llamas with carpet will follow it.

minor snapshot 16w39b is released

Edit: The End has now return portals on generated islands.
Return portals send you back on End Spawn point.
On SMP it would have to be PvE zone to prevent camping.
So many possibilities with SMP/map making.
snapshot 16w44a is out.

First prerelease of 1.11 is out!


Ogarci ComputerGuy_ Wimali and Mulbery will have fun updating stuff now ;^)
First 2 weeks wait for 1.11 plugins :p

1.11.1 snapshot coming in.
No more infinity and mending bows.
Here we can see planned stuff for 1.11.1.
Reddit has some info about it.

Apparently you can be fighter jet.
Here is private civilian jet:
I made Primordian Sky Terror kit
Assuming all flyers will be limited to leather - by being deadly in air they shouldn't be too harmful on surface :p

I tested it - you need to have very good timing and aiming skills - its not like flying F16, its more flying WW I plane.
Can mages shoot in straight lines? It would be easier to fly and shoot like this ;)

Edit: Now extreme flying in Nether and safe-ish flying in The End is possible now.
Just keep eye on Elytra durability and amount of fireworks. Enderpearls are optional.
All you need is >5 block cliff and you can fly until you run out of elytra/fireworks.

Here is flight trough nether:
Flying trough lava isn't that bad ;)

If you want to gain massive altitude like one kilometer, then you need to use around 14 fireworks.
Just click on fireworks every 3 seconds (3 gunpowder and one paper is needed to create 3 second duration firework, you get them in pack of 3)
Update 1.11.2 is now official!
Can't wait for servers getting updated, so we can fly with elytra :D


why we can't have nice things
its like "well we can't buff the skeletons"

"so we're gonna make a skeleton clone and make it 100 times worse"


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Another snapshot - 17w46a.

Danni122112 how much damaging for SMP will be this commands rewrite?
Plugins not using vanilla commands shouldn't be affected, but if you included command blocks for dungeons or something else using vanilla commands, then it may get messy.


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SMP Staff
Another snapshot - 17w46a.

Danni122112 how much damaging for SMP will be this commands rewrite?
Plugins not using vanilla commands shouldn't be affected, but if you included command blocks for dungeons or something else using vanilla commands, then it may get messy.
We are aware of the issue, discussed it amongst he admins, thanks anyway!


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New snapshot 17w47a comes with 6 wood variants for trapdoors, buttons and pressure plates!
They could add variants of fences, signs, chests and crafting boxes :p


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fun times announced for 1.14
  • "The Monster of the Night Skies"[sup][4][/sup], also known as "insomnia beast", new hostile flying mob "spawning at high altitudes. It is attracted to insomnia, and will find players who haven't slept for many days. It will swoop down in groups and bite your flesh."
On servers no one sleeps, just set their spawn in bed ;^)
This means this mob will be no different from regular ones :p

Update 17w48a is out.


On servers no one sleeps, just set their spawn in bed ;^)
This means this mob will be no different from regular ones :p
except that it may have Vex AI or similar, and it may or may not be a real threat to insomniac players.
here's hoping that they actually mean something for the first day (or longer), and that they maybe drop something useful.


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snapshot 17w49a is out
Hotfix is out - 17w49b

Snapshot 17w50a is out.
It seems they finally fixed blocklag - that is sometimes blocks seems to be destroyed or placed, but server doesn't see it.

Snapshot 18w01a is out.
Just bugfixes.

Snapshot 18w02a is out.
Technical stuff and 1.13 is coming soon.

Snapshot 18w03a is out.
They changed horse mode again :p

No snapshot today, but 1.14 Aquatic Update is going to be merged into 1.13 update.

Snapshot 18w05a is out.


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with every new snapshot I cry a bit inside with 1.13 coming closer ;_;
1.13 got delayed, and will have 1.14 Aquatic Update content :)

Update 18w06a is out.

New snapshot 18w07a is out!
Now there is actual aquatic update related content!
You can make water lifts!
Magma block under water will make you go slowly down and soulsand under water makes you go up quickly.
There are tridents too.
And turtle potion, that is inaccessible in survival for now - you get Resistance IV - 80% damage reduction and Slowness IV.
Snapshot 18w08a is out.
Oceans now exist in five different temperatures.

Second snapshot added fish.
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