Minecraft 4-in-a-row and football pitch

Oct 3, 2012
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I like making minigames and these are two of my favourites. They took me a few hours to build each but they were really fun to work on (except when I was raging at the redstone :confused:).

The 4 in a row is pretty much just normal 4 in a row. You just press buttons to make red sand and sand to drop into the grid and the first one to get 4 of their colour in a row wins.

This is the grid I made :).

The match against iggy234 begins. :cool:

Gg iggy234.

The redstone :D.

In the football pitch "footballs" (villagers) fall and you hit them with your "designer football boots" and try to get them into the opposition's goal :)

This is the football pitch :).

The kits and special designer football boots :D.

The "Football" :p.

Dribbling skills :p.

GOAL!!!! :D

/warp 4-in-a-row (flatland world) and /warp Football_Pitch (plots) to see them in more detail :).

Thanks to Stretford01 and iggy234 for helping me with the building on these projects.