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Aug 6, 2011
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Why hello everyone! My name is Nillbugwtw, or William. I live in the Bay Area of California and am currently in my n[sup]th[/sup] year of studying Software Engineering.

What do you do for EscapeRestart?
While I’m a Community Admin, my specific role is that of Treasurer/Bill Payer/Finances Guy. I process the donations from both our Patreon and single donation page and use them to pay our web hosting and dedicated server fees for the month. This isn’t something I could do alone, but thanks to the generous donations of users like you, we’ve been able to support ourselves exclusively from community donations, and not from the admins own wallets, for a year and a half now – but more on that in a separate post. As a CA, I also consult with Hex and tnm when we make community-wide decisions or head staff changes.

Why do you staff for EscapeRestart?
When I first joined EscapeRestart Blocktopia TheOne’s in 2010, I was 15, a sophomore in high school, fresh out of Runescape, and using a lot more “u” than “you” in my chats. The next eight years sent me on a journey that found me at every rank on Zombie Survival, eventually running the server, switching over to running Create Buildbox after Classic shutdown, and ultimately to this position as a CA. I found myself maturing with each promotion, having the responsibility of managing more people and projects. While the responsibilities I’ve had in this community will never find their way onto my resumé, the experienced I gained, especially during my formative high school years, I’ve applied in team-leadership opportunities both in employment and in academics, and I’ll be forever grateful to this community for smacking the Runescape out of me.
Because this community means so much to me, I want to see it succeed – that’s why I’m still here. Being able to help support a community that can act as a distraction from real life for those who need it, or as a group of friends, or as a place to mature, or just as an escape for a boring Thursday afternoon, gives me great joy.

What else do you enjoy doing?
In my free time, I feed squirrels, do some amateur photography, and collect Steam games. You’ll often find me with my head in VR, finding new local trails to hike, or at a Golden State Warriors game.

Thanks for reading! I hope this gives some insight into both Nillbugwtw the Admin and William the person. Drop any questions you may have below!