MechanicalDog's Farewell


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Jul 14, 2016
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Hello folks,
I'm posting this on behalf of a good friend who has decided that it's time to move on. I'll try and be brief, but it's quite a sentimental subject for me.

He posted this on the old BlackCon forums a few days ago now. It was the only notice of departure anyone got from him. This has come as quite a shock to me and several others in the community who found out. At the time of my writing this, most people are still unaware he has left.

MechanicalDog was one of my closest friends here on Minecraft. He was one of the first people to stick with me full time back on BeastsMC, when BlackCon Labs was only just a year old. We've shared a lot of history, including the complicated tale of our departure from Beasts and eventual settlement here on EscRes. In fact, he was one of the first three people I told about EscRes; many other BMC immigrants have him to thank for finding their way here.

He's also probably one of the most aspiring aeronautic engineers I've ever met. His skill with aircraft design is beyond anything I've seen from anyone else, virtual friends or otherwise.

He was a long standing moderator for the CorpRP, a former Progenitor of BlackCon, and a president of the more recently formed EFR, among countless other things.

He will be dearly missed.