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Aug 11, 2011
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forums mod but not really?? ok hear me out arelic are you trying to staff again even though you just resigned

I've put parts of this in #discord-feedback while I was still sorting out my thoughts so sorry if you read that and now see a thread that pretty much sums everything up


• We already have the Mafia Host rank, what makes this different?
1) Permissions:
- Forums: Same. It will mostly be in title only. A separate rank would be appreciated but depends on if the CAs want to set that up.​
- Discord: Permissions to give players a dead chat role as well as modify the dead chat channel (For Discord Admin+, if you want to know what this is like, this is currently the "Tavern Arcana (Dead Players)" role and "#mafia-tavernarcana" channel.*​
- Other: Unnecessary but if staff thinks it's easier for communication, perhaps an invite to Staff Discord​
(I'll update this if I think of anything else!)​

2) Role:
- Manage Mafia queue
- Sort out Mafia issues
- Be aware of what's happening in the Mafia section of the community and report/suggest things to Admins if issues comes up
- Sort out who can view the dead chat (and not cheat by viewing the dead chat if they're playing in the current game because that's bad so don't do that :[ )​
* As seen above and in #discord-feedback, I want to propose the ability to manage roles. Now, I understand that that can prove disastrous if given to someone who doesn't deserve the permission. I suggest give the permission to 1) Mafia Mod(s) and 2) the current host of the game if the current host is trusted by the Discord Admin/higher staff. Some people have mentioned use of a bot for this, but this suggestion is for the time being as such a bot does not exist. If it exists in the future, it can replace this current solution.

• How will someone get this rank?
Post an application in the staff applications. If you want, I can write up a format. I think the initial staff can be decided by Admins/Controllers since at least four of you (Inffy, Danni, Jolt, Comp) know how Mafia works. I don't think you need many people with this rank, especially since there are higher staff that play Mafia. I would say three people at most? (am i volunteering to do this if you agree yes i like helping and this isn't as big of a responsibility as ca don't kill me)

• Ok but do we really need this??
Well, no, but the Mafia section of the community is probably one of the most active parts of both the forums + Discord right now. I believe that this is useful especially since we don't really have staff regulating it other than people who play that are coincidentally staff. If there are any conflict between two Mafia Hosts, they can just endlessly delete each other's posts or modkill someone and cause a fight.

• this is a BAD idea and u should feel ASHAMED i hate u
i mean same but also let me know if you have constructive criticism because i appreciate that so throw all them questions and concerns at me

ty for reading and stuff​


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Oct 27, 2011
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Hey Arelic, thanks for the suggestion!

This is something that we think is long overdue and will help greatly benefit Mafia and the community. With regard to your suggestions, we have decided to;

• Add a Mafia Host and a Mafia Mod role.
• Add a Mafia (Dead Chat) channel and a Mafia Staff channel.
• The Mafia Staff channel will be viewable by both Mafia Hosts and Mafia Mods in order to plan and organise current and future Mafia games in addition to discussing any Mafia-related issues.
Mafia Mods will be able to manage both messages and permissions for both channels.
• Both roles will be able to both add and remove dead players to the Mafia Dead Chat channel in addition to being able to add and remove Mafia Hosts (Huge thanks to Notty for creating the commands for this)!
• The Mafia Host for the current game can view the Mafia (Dead Chat) channel. Other Mafia Hosts still participating in current Mafia games will be able to participate without seeing Dead Chat.

• There's now a Mafia Mod rank on the forums! This is to provide consistency between the Forums and Discord, identifying your rank to other players.

• With the existence of a Mafia Staff channel on the main Discord, any issues that arise can most likely be dealt there and there shouldn't be any major issues with communication. This may be reconsidered in the future if communication could be better achieved with an invite to the staff discord.

I've already spoken to Arelic privately about this but for anyone else reading, we've decided to promote Arelic to Mafia Mod! She's one of the most capable and trustworthy people I know and I'm sure she'll do an excellent job at helping Mafia becoming even more successful and enjoyable for everyone. Additional Mafia Mods will be decided amongst head staff for now with an application form being released in due course.

Feel free to post any further Mafia-related suggestions here or to me in a PM.