League of Legends Meeting Recap 4/2

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    [​IMG]League of Legends News
    - All hail Moobeat our Lord and Savior
    - 7.6
    - Relegations?
    Community News
    - The League community is comprised of nothing but cancerous freaks, just look at this 1 person, surely he is an accurate representation of every League player and he speaks for everyone clearly
    - choclategod's ELO is apparently not as important as getting those PHONE NUMBERS of women
    - League of POE
    -Goldenvalley uninstalled
    -Rosekill has finally won fantasy
    - We added monkaS per BrickWolf's request
    - 10-12 people sit in the league room for 8 hours while only 2-3 of them are talking, mostly about a different game this is a record 539 days in a row where this has happened
    League of Drama
    - Echo fox didn't get relegated?
    - Hai didn't take the cash
    - Laundromat?
    - EU doesn't give shit for points
    - Doublelift gets relegated
    - Midlet?
    - Arrow did something.
    - KFC chicken (Korea) didnt get relegated
    - Samsung in second place.
    - Drunk skt streams.
    - Catch me outside akaadian.

    Factual Statements Only:
    NA Playoffs start 4/8
    EU Playoffs start 4/8
    NA Relegations start 3/31
    EU Relegations start sometime, nobody watches them anyways

    Lore of Legends
    Riot News
    Patch notes for 7.6
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    FIFY never forget Cody Done/Run and Sneaky in lane lul
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    I missed these
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