Lava Survival Server Trusted Application Format

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Aug 6, 2011
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In order for your application to be accepted, your application must have positive opinions from the current staff, then be approved by a Controller.

If your application receives overly negative opinions, a Controller+ has the right to deny your application at any time.

If your application is approved, then you will be given a one week trial to show that you are really qualified to retain the rank.

If you do not pass the trial, you will be demoted to the rank you held prior to your promotion and you may apply again in four weeks if permitted.

Misconduct, misbehavior, or abuse of the commands given to you will lead to serious consequences. You will be held responsible for any and all actions made on your account.

ALSO NOTE: Make sure you've been active (spent a few hours every day) on the server for at least three weeks before applying.
Your IGN:​
Your time-zone (GMT+/-):​
How long do you usually spend on the server each week?​
Do you currently hold a staff position on any of the BT servers (Trusted+)?​
Why do you want to become a trusted player?​
What do you think the responsibilities of a trusted player are?​
Why should we accept YOU? What sets you apart from other applicants?​
List what you believe your greatest weaknesses are:​
What steps would you take to report a staff member that is abusing his/her power?​
Finally, in less than 50 words, tell us about yourself:​
Your application will be denied if:
You did not fill out the entire format.​
Your application receives negative opinions from Operator+.​
You have been demoted for misconduct from any of the BT servers in the past.​
You have broken any of the rules on ANY of the BT servers while your application is open.​
You cannot read and write English fluently.​
If you couldn't find this thread yourself, don't apply.
If you have any questions regarding staff applications for the Lava Survival server, please send any one of the Lava Survival server's staff members a PM.
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