Lasagne Mafia - Game over


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Aug 6, 2011
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Night one, we didn't have a particular plan. I abstained from saying anything on who to kill because I didn't want to feel like I had a hand in deciding who didn't get to play the game.

After the absolute shitshow that was Day 1 (I'd like to direct everyone's attention to this post where Infected called us out individually by role. And that night the decided they wanted to kill Brian, a vanilla townie claim, instead of infected before I could say anything about it. (I know that sounds like complaining and....I am a little bit.) Stranger said she was going to claim tracker and say I didn't do anything, and I said nonono, I'm gonna claim doctor on infected. Notme said he'd claim vigi and we said he should claim vanilla instead. In true Raxo fashion, he never responded to that and claimed vigi anyway.

I'd say the one opportunity we'd had to win after that was when Alisha put the fifth vote on Hockey. If I had been there to hammer, it could have been a closer game. But she unvoted before I could :c
k, stop lagging next time /sarcasm :p