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Sep 15, 2011
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Community Admin, Hex has used his talents to redesign ER’s brand. This decision to change ER’s logo was discussed thoroughly with staff and the design was voted upon from the community in discord.
However through its trial, members of ER have voiced their opinions on the design, some stepping forward wanting to contribute their interpretation. It’s since been decided to open the forum and allow for creativity from community members to submit a logo that best represents us.

Furthermore, there are conditions that need to be considered for logo submissions.

1. No stealing from other designs or brands.
2. If you wish to redesign our current logo you are more than welcome to. However, we are trying to move away from that design.
3. Please put effort into your work. Submissions that look haphazard or low effort will not be part of the voting process.
4. Think about the fonts and colours you use (See 5). This link will lead you to a Do's and Don'ts of logo design website, which should give you a fair idea of what should be focused on.
5. Make sure your logo is scalable. It should be aesthetically pleasing in both small and large sizes, in a variety of mediums.
6. If your logo is chosen, staff may want to discuss and suggest minor changes to your design.

If you haven't got Photoshop or a graphic design program, there are free alternatives you can use. For example, GIMP is a free graphics program that you can download. If you wish to take part in the creative process, without creating a logo, please feel free to leave a comment in this thread or join the discussion on Discord.

A poll will open up to the community and a logo will be chosen based on which has the most votes. In case of a draw, the decision will be discussed thoroughly with Community Admin and Advertising Staff.

You will be credited.
You will be gifted $10 for a Steam game of your choosing.

Submissions will close on the 3rd of March.
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