Finished Hunger Games!

Discussion in 'Past events' started by FreakyCupcake, Dec 22, 2017.

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    Welcome Tributes!

    Join us at 9PM GMT for a night of fighting and fun! Find us at the Minecraft Lobby at the AoD sign!

    You will be launched onto a mysterious island shrouded with secrets, punishing traps and a variety of loot that could turn the tide of battle in your favour. Fight to the death against your fellow tributes and claim bragging rights as the Victor of the games!

    Those who are unfortunate enough to die can freely spectate whoever they like without restrictions! Want to watch what's going on but don't feel like playing? That's fine too!


    No Victor of the games will be left unrewarded for their accomplishments. As part of our 25 days of festivity, points shall be awarded to both the winner and to everyone who participates!
    • 1st: 8 points.
    • 2nd: 6 points.
    • 3rd: 4 points.
    • 4th-8th: 2 points.
    • Participation: 1 point.

    ∴ Happy Holidays, and may the odds be ever in your favour! ∴
    • Credits to Schnogot for the Downstream map! •
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    i did my thing and took some pics [full album here]​

    (big shoutout to bsl shaders and betterfoliage mod)
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    I did a great job of being completely absent ;-;
    can't believe I forgot this would be 22nd.
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