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Purpur game! what purpur game?

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    Dec 18, 2011
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    It's time for some purpur, violet or whatever you wish to call it, because the third iteration of GameNight is here, welcome! Happening on Saturday 07.04. 19:00/7pm GMT [Timezone Translator].

    Now to this week's event:
    It has been decided! Transformice it is.

    The game itself:
    It is a pretty fun flashgame. Yes it is a flashgame, but it's free!
    The goal? C h e e s e
    You will have to parcour around obstacles to obtain the cheese and then you will also have to bring it back, meanwhile a shaman could also be present whose goal is to help the others and also obtain the cheese... Now a shaman doesn't actually have to help anyone and can as well just grief, which is a frequent occurence.
    Steam Link // Website
    We will be playing in the room EscapeRestart

    You can join by logging in as a guest or with your account(MAKE SURE TO HAVE INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH SELECTED) and then typing
    "/room EscapeRestart"
    into the chat. Have fun!
    Password is

    Now to this week’s event:
    Vote with yer wallets, I mean just vote for a game you want to play. Thank god that this time I actually got some requests. Anyway stopping this rambling, we get to this week's event:
    The GameNight #3 because purpur is such a nice and symbolic color.
    (I am deeply sorry for not putting effort into it, but I use my shitty Laptop excuse)
    These are the games you can vote on!
    he artefact cardgame
    You know this game. Probably. A MOBA for a maximum of 10 players in one match, 5v5s... Supports apparently up to 20 players in 10v10s. You play a hero while farming some AI and killing other heroes, while defending your base. Goal is to destroy the enemy base.
    Steam Link
    Golf with Your Friends
    What's this doing here again? It's been requested, that's what it's doing here.
    A golf game with a golf course for golf people. Maximum of 12 players. Hey now, it's a golf game!
    Steam Link
    Golf it!
    The more expensive and whacky alternative to Golf with your Friends, just in case if you have no friends. Apparently it has some problems with logical physics but all popular people play it, if that's not a great argument. Max Players: 8. Yes, this was requested.
    Steam Link
    Because why not just play some old browsergame which still is kept up to date and ideal for griefing each other? You are a mouse, you want cheese, you get cheese... or die by killing yourself or the shaman being a pain. Chaos doesn't need a playerlimit.
    Steam Link // Website
    Leaving me hanging
    A very fun game, requested by Later_Gator.
    Ask him why
    Steam Link
    Jokes on you, you are already doing this
    Time to vote! Poll's open until Friday!

    So make sure to join!
    Join us today at 7pm GMT!
    And also disprove Danni that this event will last longer then just one hour!
    More information about Gamenights:
    There will be a gamenight every other weekend, e.g. every 2 weeks hosted by the friendly staff of EscapeRestart and organized by me.

    So you might ask, how does a Gamenight work? What is Gamenight? What do I have to do to participate?
    Simple, a server gets hosted, players come and go, be it community members or outsiders and people have fun.
    Now, what do you, the player have to do? Nothing. Just join whenever you feel like, have fun in whatever game we might be playing and look forward to the next event.

    The main point of these Gamenights is to give the community something special. Something members can look forward to, to end the monotony, which is why the gamenight won’t be fixated on a single game but will try to explore multiple games, known or unknown, which we together as a community can enjoy.
    Now you might ask, why not just make a permanent server?
    This is to avoid burning out the playerbase. Would the server be made permanent and just change the game bi-weekly, it certainly would certainly not be filled at all times, which defeats the entire purpose of this event.
    Now, you surely won’t like what kind of games I pick for the gamenight, which is why I’m asking you to send me suggestions. I will make sure to open a poll for the next gamenight, which will be in about 2 weeks from now to make the event host your favorite game.
    Required Criteria:
    -It has a multiplayer, it makes no sense to suggest a singleplayer game for a multiplayer event.
    -It supports a sufficient amount of playerslots (More than 3)
    Bonus points if it fullfills these additional criteria:
    -It’s free.
    -The gamesize is relatively small
    -The more playerslots possible the better
    -Many in the Community have it.(When it isn’t free)
    Request yer damn games! Just PM me here or message me on Discord.
    Keep in mind, once a game has been put up for an event, it won’t be considered for the next 2 events, to keep the selection of games spread out.

    In case you have any more questions, feel free to ask them. I also don’t mind any suggestions for improvement or pointing out mistakes.

    Let the games commence!

    And yes, all of it is now just purple
    Note: The logo isn't final. Suggestions and submissions welcome
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