Minecraft FTB: Ultimate Reloaded Modded Event Info | Open: April 16th, 2019 @ 3PM EST


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Jan 13, 2013
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Due to R.A.D Being Unstable, we have switched to
FTB: Ultimate Reloaded

IP: lobby.escaperestart.com:25568

Modpack Info

FTB Ultimate Reloaded is one of the lighter 1.12.2 modpacks based around the original Ultimate that was released on Minecraft 1.4.7 over 5 years ago. Ultimate was one of FTB’s largest and popular modpacks of its time and players spent months making large factories, farms, railcraft rail networks and getting their feet wet with magic in Thaumcraft. Fast forward to 2019 and the FTB Team has remastered Ultimate in a 1.12.2 modpack named Ultimate Reloaded.

How To Download
  1. Grab the Twitch App
  2. Create an account​
  3. Link your Twitch and MC account​
  4. Click on the Mods tab​
  5. Click on Minecraft
  6. Click on Browse Modpacks
  7. Search up FTB: Ultimate Reloaded
  8. Install & Launch!​
  1. Grab Optifine
  2. Go to Twitch Launcher
  3. Navigate to My Modpacks
  4. Click on FTB: Ultimate Reloaded
  5. Click the Cog in the right hand corner​
  6. Click on Open Folder
  7. Navigate to Mods
  8. Drop the Optifine Jar in the folder​
  9. Launch the game!​

  1. No Griefing
  2. Don't Abuse Spawn Area
    1. Baiting Mobs​
    2. Baiting Players​
    3. Spawn Killing​
  3. Be Respectful
  4. PvP is Allowed if​
    1. The person hasn't requested to be left alone
    2. You aren't near spawn
    3. You don't bed trap
    4. You aren't ruining the fun for others​
  5. Raiding is Allowed on Unprotected Entities​
  6. Do not Abuse Bugs / Mods
  7. Keep the Area Around Spawn Decent
  8. No Lagging the Server Intentionally​
  9. No Hacking / Exploits
  10. Follow our Community Guidelines
Server Information / Commands
  • Spawn is protected on a 50x50 area, hostile mobs can't spawn within a 75x75 area
  • There will be a public Discord Bridge, so you can chat without even being on the server!​
  • My intention isn't for players to focus on PvP / Raiding, but allowing it under certain circumstances​
  • If you don't lock your chest and you got raided, that is your own fault​
  • Here is the list of mods this pack runs​
  • Optifine helped me with performance, it may help you, it may not​
  • /ontime - check your playtime
  • /afk - go afk
  • /info - lists some server info
  • /home set <name> - sets a home with a specified name
  • /home <name> - teleports to specified home
  • /tpa <player> - requests a teleport to another player

Please note these features can be subject to change before release, and I'm willing to hear feedback.
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